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a few rules to improve the current AI

akinataakinata Posts: 11Registered Users
edited February 11 in Feedback & Suggestions
■ never target summoned units with spells.
■ if a unit isn't engaged in a fight it should try to avoid any incoming damaging land target spells.
■ if defending, recieving a spell or being attacked by only melee summoned units should not trigger the attacking behavior. (in that stat units are not engaged into a fight so they should try to avoid the spell and then come back into formation)

■ range units without shield break should not focus shielded units first if there is other target choice unless the target is a lord or hero.
■ range units without armor piercing should not focus units with high armor value first if there is other target choice.
■ flying units should never make range unit route unless they are landing to attack OR they have death from above ability with ammo left.
■ range unit should change focus according to available targets instead of firing on the same target they picked first to the death if there is a better or more valuable target available.

■ cavalry should never charge an anti large unit with resistance to large unit charge up front if it choose it as a target.
■ if its enemy has at least one artillery it should dispatch one melee cavalry or war dog (per artillery?) to target it while avoiding other threats if possible.

■ if the AI use artillery it should dispatch at least one anti large unit to protect it (them) unless its opponent has no cavalry or no war dogs.
■ artillery should always focus high valuable target (using the targets cost as comparison except for lord) depending on its type if possible. canon and anti large should focus large units. catapult should focus other range units or heavy melee.

armor piercing units:
■ melee armor piercing units should always focus/target armored units first if possible.
■ heavy melee armored units should never target armor piercing unit first unless there is no other alternative.

■ if in defence it should try and hide hidable units inside nearby forest.
■ bloated corpses should always be deployed inside forests and always far away from other units except other bloated corpses (unless they actually detonate each other. havn't tested that).

bloated corpses:
■ they should never target big monsters or heroes/lords unless there is no other targets.


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