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Sima Al Archers of Jing are not recruitable Bug.

DezordenDezorden Posts: 2Registered Users
Archers of Jing are not recruitable I can recruit soldiers of Jing but not archers of jing his special faction units they both unlock at general's lv 3 but they are not in the campaing.

I have no mods a few people have posted this issue on steam forums.


  • ZofyhrZofyhr Posts: 62Registered Users
    Same issue here ...
  • ZofyhrZofyhr Posts: 62Registered Users
    It starts really annoying me. I had to stop one campain from the initial period cause of that alliance war issue. I try Eight Princes thinking it goes better there, and first campaign with Sima Ai I realize I can't recruit his special archer units... Seriously what is wrong with the dev and quality team ?
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