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Redevelop Empire total war please!!!!

CammoCammo Registered Users Posts: 1
Empire total war was a classic everyone loved. Sure there was a few bugs and the AI wasnt the best but even as it stands its a great game with how when years certain years happened for example the year the julian calander became it would tell your or that it encompess so many cultures, regions, religions and nations to play! The fact you could almost conquer the whole world was awesome especially the naval battles an so many different strategies for the land battles! Im sure im not the only one who would love for you to redevelop such a amazing game on the current engine, total war! especially now that you could add to it mulitplayer campaign which was the only thing it lacked but even still for a game so old i still play it to this day as one of my favourite total wars! Now with all the other fetures in diplomacy and things as well if you added them it would make it shine even more, not that it needs it to shine! But please is there a redevelpment of this game in the current engine on the table?


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