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Campaign Bug: Cannot attack ruins with white square warlord on them

carsonmhughescarsonmhughes Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v1.8.2

This has happened in two campaigns so far: I come across a set of ruins that have a skaven warlord hero on them, with a white square over their head. I cannot attack the settlement or interact with (assassinate or wound) the hero. I tried disabling all mods except SFO since the games wouldn't load without it, and there was no change.

Mods: SFO: Grimhammer II
Legendary Lord Respec
Regional Visibility
Vlad von Carstein Restored
3X Chaos Invasion
Recruit defeated legendary lords
Vampire legendary lord mounts


  • MINMINMINMIN Registered Users Posts: 1
    That's a bugged garrison commander that decided they want to explore the campaign map. Try installing the mod "Begone Colonel!" It should do the trick.

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