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Reworking the old world map and physically extend Tilea and Estalia

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This is a compilation of some very good ideas from different creators about reworking the campaign map, settlements or settlement owner changes.

Very important is to be carefully with the following and not let you/AI hop from city to city onky fighting siege fights. But even a more crowded region could be get more obstacles to slow down the wandering on the campaign map (forest, mountains, canyons, rivers).

A big thank to the creators @Crossil, @SeanJeanquoi and @ArneSo.

Mentioned named characters must not be LL, most/all of tem could be AI only with generic lord model like current Ushoran.

At first Badlands and Souther Realms rework from Crossil:



Southern Badlands:
-Gor Gazan
-Agrul Mighdal
-???(coastal settlement, a starting position for Eltharion so maybe even an elven name for this, his citadel in the Badlands, I would keep it a minor settlement rather than a province capital to represent he's not a native here, maybe named like Tor Morannion)

Western Badlands:
-Giant Stomping Grounds(new south settlement)
-Dragonhorn Mine
-Gronti Mingol(snatched from Southern Badlands)

Dragonback Mountains(new province):
-Stonemine Tower
-Blackclaw Lair(new central settlement)

Marshes of Madness(new province):
-Morgheim/Mourkain(new north settlement)
-Floating Village(new east settlement)
-Bittersand Swamp(new west settlement, not sure if it's needed)

-Deff Gorge
-Barrier Idolz(new west settlement)

Skull Crag(cut out of Blightwater):
-Misty Mountain
-Red Cloud Mountain(new south settlement)

East Badlands(reworked):
-Karak Azgal
-Crooked Fang Fort
-Dringorackaz(moved far west, potentially renamed to Hanging Rock or Stormhenge)
-Wyvern Cliffs(new southwest settlement)

Southern World's Edge Mountains:
-Karak Azul
-Fire Mountain(new southwest settlement)

Eight Peaks(newly constructed):
-City of Pillars(renamed, maybe the other way around or the old or another name)
-Karag Nar(new east settlement)
-Karag Zilfin(new west settlement)

Death Pass:
-Black Crag
-Black Iron Mine(taken from Azul)
-Broken Peak(new north settlement, named after Broken Axe and Teeth Tribes)

Mad Dog Pass(new far north province):
-Karag Dron
-???(new east settlement, should be Mount Squighorn but that one's located up in Silver Road, could be moved and a new one added to Silver Road in its place)

Northern Badlands(new province):
-Iron Rock
-Valaya's Sorrow(potentially renamed to Hanging Rock or Stormhenge)
-Bitterstone Mines(moved east)
-Stinking Geysers(new northwest settlement)

Blood River Valley loses Varenka Hills to BP.

Southern Realms

Lichtenberg Confederacy(northern one):
- Akendorf
- Forest of Gloom(new northeast settlement, under Forest Goblins)
- Varenka Hills

Eagle Confederacy(central one):
- Wissenheim(new east settlement, startpos for Morgan Bernhardt maybe?)
- Matorca(moved slightly)
- Khypnia(new northwest settlement)

Southern Confederacy(dunno about the name, maybe Myrmidens Confederacy):
- Myrmidens
- Zvorak(moved slightly, potentially change name to Scarosio)
- Mirasino(new southwest settlement)

The Vaults gain Skaven held Foul Peak.

North Tilea(two rivers instead of the current river in light blue and bridges dark blue):
-Trantio(new central settlement)
-Remas(new southwest settlement)
-Pavona(new southeast settlement)

South Tilea:
-Verezzo(new central settlement)
-Monte Castello(new east settlement)

Sartosa moved southwest and land bridge to Tilea potentially removed.

Tobaro province:
-Isles of Sirens/Spineport(new settlement, under Clan Skurvy)

South Estalia:
-Muros(new west settlement)
-Zaraguz(new east settlement)

North Estalia:
-Vizeaya(new east settlement)

Actual reminder of Physically expanding Tilea and Estalia by Sir_Godspeed:


Also physically expanding Bretonnia was an often mentioned wish.

Potential change to Kislev's area for when Azhag might get moved up there and/or Kislevs implementation from Crossil:


Dark red lines are province borders, bright red lines are region borders, red crosses are settlements. Capitals bolded.

West Oblast (newly built):

-Chebokov (new north settlement)
-Zhedavka/The Blight (new east settlement, if it is the Blight then it could be a minor GS faction)

Troll Country:

-Todtheim (new west settlement, for Azhag)

North Oblast
- simply added Goranitch to the south

Mountains of Hel
- added Kraka Ornsmotek in the middle mountains, preferably under a Dwarf faction of same name.

So, essentially Kislev gets west oblast as its own province and Azhag can get Troll Country. I would also like it if Mountains of Hel, Gianthome Mountains and Troll Country were fully colonisable for Norsca (rather than only coastal settlements and instead home territories) as they are considered Norscan territories, more or less. The way it is now is a leftover from game 1's regional occupation which considered Gianthome Dwarf territories and Troll Country human territories.

Some settlement rework and addition with lore fluff from SeanJeanquoi all over the Old World:




The vast lake in the image above is known as "Black Water" (or Varn Drazh in the Dwarf's language) and it was created thousands of years ago when a meteor struck the planet and the resulting crater was flooded with the water that runs down from the surrounding mountains. This Meteor contained one of the strongest metals in the Warhammer World and the Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains built many settlements in the surrounding area to try and carefully extract as much of it as they could (This is why Zhufbar and Karaz-a-Karak became 2 of the strongest and most wealthy holds in the Karaz Ankor).

Karak Varn was once one of the strongest of these holds, as it was built overlooking the great lake and was able to mine the most of its many riches, but sadly the Dwarfs greed got the better of them, as they dug their caverns so deep that they ended up burrowing under the great lake, and thus when the Time of Woes fell upon the Dwarfs, the Earthquakes caused the lake to flood the lower floors of Karak Varn and the remaining Dwarfs were caught between Greenskins above ground and Skaven bellow. Many have tried and failed to reclaim this hold and its many riches, but they have all inevitably failed, and today the Skaven (and things yet worse) still hold dominion over the once great Karak.

Since it has been lost, Karak Varn has become known as "Cragmere" and is said to be ruled by a hulking beast of a Skaven, known as "Warlord Fisk". Fisk holds an unsavoury reputation amongst the Skaven race, as he has a great fondness for large and noisy weaponry, purchasing many such weapons from Clan Skyre. It was whispered on the Underway that he liked to coffle his prisoners before strafing the lines with Warpstone shells, not letting up until the weapon detonated in its unfortunate handler's paws.

The Warlord was a hulking giant of a Skaven, bedecked in silver plate scoured to an impossible shine. A pair of segmented horns spiralled down from the side of his helm, and red eyes gleamed from beneath its thick iron brow. His fur carried an unhealthy green-tinge, lending him the repulsive appearance of a hulking Orc-thing.


CA Could make Cragmere a 10 slot Major settlement all to itself and place Warlord Fisk within it as a really strong Skaven faction in the early game, with access to lots of Skryre units. Fisk could be programmed to be aggressive and reach havoc on the surrounding Dwarfs, while also having a really bulky garrison, so he can't be easily taken out in the early game. (Cragmere is out of the way for most factions anyway, so it'd be naturally protected from the AI in the same way Nagashazzir is at the moment). Skaven, Dwarf and Greenskin factions who take this settlement would gain access to a unique building chain "Gromril Mine of Varn Drazh" which would act as a special Iron mine/gold mine.

However, because the Hold is flooded, Skaven and Greenskin factions would never be able to fully utilize all 10 slots of the settlement (and never be able to fully upgrade the unique building chain; that would be left to the Dwarfs who, upon recolonizing it, could hire Dwarf Engineers to drain the caverns and probe its depths, as mentioned here:

"The Dwarfs have relinquished the corrupted stronghold, but haven’t forgotten the precious Gromril within its mines - expeditions frequently brave the terror of the dark beneath Karak Varn for the remnants of the Gromril still to be found in the deeper passages. Dwarf Engineers have built many cunning devices to enable the Dwarfs to probe the depths, even those underwater, where the richest and as yet unplumbed workings can be found. "

This would be a great way to give the Dwarfs something else to think about, add in a piece of their history and Fisk could be a great little Boss Battle type challenge for Karaz-a-Karak or any other Dwarf faction in the area. (he could also be an interesting playable lord, but I suppose the Skaven are fully booked for present and future lord options ;_;)



Mordheim, the City of the Dammed is the former capital of Ostermark and the main focus of the GW spin-off Tabletop game by the same name. The City was once the mightiest in the Eastern Empire, being the only settlement large enough to withstand the onslaught brought by Gorbad Ironclaws Waaagh during the time of the 3 Emperors, but it fell into a corrupt and decadent period when a Twin Tailed Comet appeared in the nights sky. Many hailed it as a sign of the return of Sigmar and that he would return in the City of Mordheim, so thousands upon thousands of people migrated to the city, filling it well overcapacity.

The overpopulated city quickly became ungovernable and descended into madness as food stocks ran low, crime ran high and the seeds of Chaos were secretly sewn within its walls. Finally, on new year’s eve, the comet was said to arrive with Sigmar at its helm...the comet arrived alright, but there was no Sigmar in sight and the city was reduced to rubble in an instant.


Clan Eshen had an infamous under-city here during and after the Events of Mordheim, with the Clan being led by Executioner Veskit, the only other real eligible Clan Eshen Lord that might make an appearance in a future DLC (he's a Skaven Cyborg Assassin).

Whether or not CA puts him in the game, they should turn Mordheim into a 10 slot major settlement and place an "Eshen Clan nest" faction there to give the Empire more to think about within their borders.

Bitter Stink and/or Rat Rock


Bitter Stink, sometimes known as Bitter Stump, is a Skaven stronghold located within the marshes of the Wasteland, controlled by the Grey Seers of Clan Scruten. Marienburg, being the infamous trading port of the Old World, lies in the midst of the stinking swamplands called the Cursed Marshes. It is within these marshes that the Skaven of Clan Scruten have their hidden stronghold, from where they launch their insidious raids beneath Marienburg and its surroundings. Around the year 2000 IC, the Clan was led away from Skavenblight by the Grey Seer Kritislik. Deep beneath the marshes of Marienburg he led them, into the ancient and abandoned Skaven stronghold known simply as Rat Rock, to the north-east of the human city.

It is said that several Warlord clans once competed for dominance within the keep and it was once teeming with thousands of Skaven and their slaves. However, the stronghold was doomed once a new threat became apparent. The rival Warlords united, combining their strengths to fight this menace, yet it was to no avail. Who this foe was, has been covered by the shroud of time, though stories tell of some form of daemonic, cyclopean swamp-dwellers (the Fimir).

It is said that these ancient daemons were somehow a part of the marsh itself, able to control the mists and command the creatures that dwelt within them. Whoever this enemy was, the locals believe that the daemons had the Skaven wiped each other out. Marienburgers fear the swamplands, and venture into them only when necessary as a result. The Skaven of Clan Scruten take advantage of this, and many of their activities are attributed to mythical daemons of the swamp - whether they ever existed or not.


The Wasteland is meant to be inhabited by many Skaven Clans based out of the hidden Strongholds "Bitter Stink" and "Rat Rock". Adding one or both of these Strongholds to the Wasteland and an Undercity on Marrienberg, all under Clan Scruten's control, would make this side of the Empire a bit more hectic.

Black Chasm and the Barrows of Cuileux

class="Bold">Black Chasm


In ages past, The Black Chasm was one of the first places Clan Pestilens colonized outside of Skavenblight (Before their fateful trip to Lustria). The Clan constructed many fortresses within the infinite depths of the Chasm but abandoned their holdings when they made their journey across to the New World.

Clan Eshen stepped in and colonized the derelict fortresses, but when Pestilens returned as the plague-ridden monstrosities we know them today, Eshen refused to give up their holdings and so the two Clans have been fighting ever since. In the Modern day, Pestilens has regained much of its strength and both Clans hold roughly equal control of the Chasm's Under-Empire, with the help of their allies (Eshen relies on Clan Moulders support, while Pestilens is supported by their uneasy alliance with Clan Flem).


There are a few options here: They could add a "Pestilens/Eshen Clan Nest" to the Chasm, just like they did with Rictus in Crookback Mountain, they could add Clan Flem here, or even place a Skaven LL here at some point if they saw fit.

Barrows of Cuileux


Cuileux was one of the Dukedoms of Bretonnia that was completely destroyed and assimilated by Qunelles in the year 900IC. The Barrows of Cuileux is the site of the last battle between the Knights of Cuileux and the Greenskin horde that destroyed their Kingdom, and it is where those brave nobles who stood against the tide that day find their rest.

The barrows are scattered over a wide area north of the Gilleau river, some in the Forest of Châlons and some in the mountains of the Massif Orcal. A typical barrow has about twenty burial chambers linked by tunnels, but some are far, far larger. Adventurers claim to have seen a barrow the size of a town within the forest but said that they were driven off by the Undead guarding it. Most of the barrows in the lowlands are now merely empty shells, long looted of grave goods by Orcs and Bretonnians alike. There are a few with Undead guardians, and these still survive intact.


Here CA could give the Greenskins of Massif Orcal a bit more survivability, by giving them another settlement, or alternatively they could place another Undead faction here (it's quite Close to Aquitaine, so if we ever see that region fleshed out and CA puts the Red Duke in his rightful place, this could be another settlement they give him or a generic Vampire faction that could make for an early game ally of his).

As a couple more suggestions: add another settlement to the Leaf-Cutters Orc tribe within the Drakwald forest to make them stronger.

Some additions and reworks from ArneSo, which are not mentioned so far:


1. Karak Azul should just start with one settlement. The rest should be owned by GS and Skaven factions.

4. Add the forest of Shadows as a new 1 settlement Province near Ostland and place a VC faction there. Zacharias the Everliving ruled this forest so a VC faction there would be loreful. Instead of a new province it could also be a new minor settlement in Ostland.

5. Add a VC faction in Middenstag.
Dieter Helsnicht terrorised Middenland so a VC faction with only Necromancer Lords would be loreful.

6. Add a VC faction in Akendorf.
Gashnag ruled over his tiny Kingdom in the BP so a VC starting there would be loreful.
Edit: hybrid VC and DoW/Southern Realms faction when implemented.

7. Add a VC faction to Aquitaine.
Normally the Red Duke should be there and not in Mousillion.

8. Add a GS faction in the Brass Keep. It’s in the Mountains so it would make sense. The settlement skin should of course stay Empire like.

9. Add a Skaven faction in Ubersreik. Vermintide! Would be a good starting Enemy for Reikland.


Rework of Bretonnias map by SeanJeanquoi:


Despite their update and the addition of Massif Orcal, Bretonnia is still a rather static part of the map and 5-6 of the Bretonnian Dukedoms still don’t have factions of their own. If the Empire update is anything to go by, CA will no doubt add more regions to the map and make it physically bigger, but here’s an illustration of what they could do with the map they have now based on this map from the lore:

Here is the list of changes this would bring:

-This would add 10 new settlements and 5 new factions to Bretonnia, including Brionne, Aquitaine, the Skaven of Black Chasm, the Vampires of the Barrows and Quenelles.

-Lyonesse in the lore (just like in the Arthurian legend) exists on an island off the coast, similar to Mont Saint-Michel which still exists in the real-life Brittany:

-CA could now move the Red Duke to his rightful place in Aquitaine.

-No 5 would either be Larret, the second largest settlement in Artois, or Sigmarsheim, an Empire outpost in Bretonnia. If CA expanded the map size, both of these could be added and given to their proper faction, but for right now, It could go to Mousillon to give them better survivability.

-No 22 “Grave of Cuileux” would be ruins without an owner at the start of the game. Cuileux was once a Bretonnian Dukedom that was completely destroyed by a Greenskins horde in the year 900IC.

-No 17 “The Barrows of Cuileux” was the site of the Knights of Cuileux’s last stand against the Greenskin horde that destroyed their Dukedom. The noble knights were buried here In a Barrow the size of a town. Once a sacred place, the locals now stay away as it is said to be full of undead. This would make the perfect spot for a Vampire counts faction and since its right next to Aquitaine (Where the Red Duke is actually supposed to be) It would make for an excellent starting ally for him.

-No 18 Black Chasm is a massive abyss full of Skaven underground fortresses. In ages past, This was one of the first places Clan Pestilens colonized outside of Skavenblight before they became the repulsive plague rates we know them as today. The Clan abandoned all their holdings when they made their journey across to the New World and in their absence, Clan Eshen stepped in and colonized the derelict fortresses.

but when Pestilens returned from the new world, Eshen refused to give up their holdings and so the two Clans have been fighting ever since. In the Modern day, Pestilens has regained much of its strength and both Clans hold roughly equal control of the Chasm's Under-Empire, with the help of their allies (Eshen relies on Clan Moulders support, while Pestilens is supported by their uneasy alliance with Clan Flem).

There are a few options for who should be placed here: They could add a "Pestilens/Eshen Clan Nest" to the Chasm, just like they did with Rictus in Crookback Mountain, they could add Clan Flem here, or even place a Skaven LL here at some point if they saw fit.

Beside that little tweaks in current climates, more forest in Norsca (looking at the newly Old World map) and more details like location specific animals for the campaign map would be nice.
Bigger changes like reworking climate system will be a case for game 3.

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