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DemonusDemonus Posts: 8Registered Users
Hello. Will be any dlc for Greenskins? (bigger dlc)? They have rly poor unit selections against other factions. I did play all of them, but today i start play greenskins and i cant believe it. No rituals..no mechanics...poor tech. tree..few units... 2 heroes (shaman and goblin warior)
Am i only one who see Greenskins like the poorest nation?
Sorry for my bad language but this faction is bit sad :(


  • _Mad_D0c__Mad_D0c_ Posts: 1,086Registered Users
    GS will get their free rework with next LP confirmed and be cery likely part of the LP too. Crossover with Eltharion the grim vs grom the paunch is very fitting and likely.
  • DemonusDemonus Posts: 8Registered Users
    Its sounds good! Im happy now :) Thank you
  • Mogwai_ManMogwai_Man Posts: 3,062Registered Users
    edited February 18
    The roster is actually good, but the campaign suffers from being first generation. You have to remember that Greenskins were one of the original 5 factions.

    The mistake CA made was not prioritizing Greenskins and instead chose to give newer armies their updates. I'm not even playing the game anymore because of this.
  • DemonusDemonus Posts: 8Registered Users
    Thats true. Anyway... i hope they add more units and some extra rituals or smthink. Same Beastman or Chaos...but Greenskins are rly poor! Its sad.

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