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Dealing with post-chaos-Welves-Dwaves-Bretonnia-Empire-Mega-Alliance?

Kroq_Gar_is_the_bestKroq_Gar_is_the_best Registered Users Posts: 1
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After like tons of hard work I finally got somewhere in my Kroq-Gar campaign. Past games had me stuck in the south, stuck in Lustria, or blocked by Lothern and get overpowered every single time. This time, I am the strongest!......by a little.

Apart from me really wanting to have more land to conquer for Kroq's campaign since 90% of the time is used for walking around (yet the empire has it easy. Confeds, densely packed settlements which means money and armies), the title said it: (sigh) the post-chaos-WDBE-Mega-Alliance is too strong, and no one is willing to sign stuff with me.

Since I had a lot more land then before (far more, actually. The whole south + Lustria + Hexaotl + Ulthuan + up North until the red desert), my economy is a lot stronger which means, more armies (and a fighting chance!)! But I think the AI wants me dead next, because even if I give them a huge sum of gold with very high reliability for a military alliance for the long campaign victory, they just won't do it. Not even Couronne with 400 diplomacy value right after the Chaos invasion (that reminds me of it. I hate the puppets of chaos army-machine-gun, how are you supposed to fight that **** while expanding? The AI doesn't do jack about it and the player is the only one to fight them.). I read about it on the forums and it says that the AI doesn't want you to have an easy victory, is that true? If so, better muster, cause almost 300 turns and the game still presses on.

My main enemy is now the empire, which we are at equal strength (with me slightly stronger), then it's the Dwarfs (I'm stronger), Couronne (I'm far stronger), and the wood elves (they are pretty weak in the power meter but their archers kinda scare me). I personally don't want war and just sign alliances, so what should I do to convince them?

If diplomacy fails, then war ensues. Should I form an unbreakable iron-fist and punch straight into the empire (weaken the strongest, and its minions shall fall), or do a full surround and eat them up from weak to strong?
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  • IamNotArobotIamNotArobot Registered Users Posts: 1,196

    is all you need to conquer the world post whoman alliance.
    Justice and CONFEDERATION for the Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast!
  • QuintoMaximoQuintoMaximo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 177
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    And it's even worse if you are not part of the "good guys"

    In my campaign with ikit claw in the ME I haven't declared war to anyone but the empire, bretonnia, tilea, dwarfs, itza, high elves, and wood elves have declared war on me.

    And you could think... Itza? High elves? Dwarfs and empire? Yeah,. I dont even have a frontier with them and I only own estalia and carcasonne and obviously skavenblight, but they are sending at least 3-4 armys each to my cities and even nuking them is not enough. I destroy armys but it doesn't matter they always come with more and more.

    The funny part it's that the Chaos invasion haven't even started yet and it's too soon to have good units for me. But they have already almost obliterated vampires and other bad guys (except for dark elves) and they are all coming for me....

    In my opinion, it's fun to have a challenge with the "good guys" but I think this is too exaggerated, the chaos invasion wasn't that bad in comparison.
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  • VacmidvalleyVacmidvalley Registered Users Posts: 307
    Lightening strike is for babies. You don't need it.
  • GloatingSwineGloatingSwine Registered Users Posts: 326
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    I hate the puppets of chaos army-machine-gun, how are you supposed to fight that **** while expanding? The AI doesn't do jack about it and the player is the only one to fight them..

    The Puppets of Chaos might seem like a threat, but their stacks are actually absolute trash and lizardmen stacks full of beefy boys like Temple Guards and Sacred Kroxigors with a bit of fire support from Stegadons and Fireleech Terradon Riders will see them off.

    Terradons and Stegadons both also trivially snack on Hellcannons which are their only ranged unit

    Especially the early wave ones which are full of marauders with their no armour, they're super vulnerable to t
    Terradon Riders.

    I park a couple of generals on the southern coast of Lustria to deal with them.

    Lightening strike is for babies. You don't need it.

    You don't need it, but it lets you do the job of two or three armies with one, meaning your other armies can be off having fun at the AI's expense elsewhere.

    The AI loves to march its armies around in stacks, so Lightning Strike is super effective at breaking them up and giving you an advantage.
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  • Pr4vdaPr4vda Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,112
    Start a new campaign.
    Team Dawis

    Dawis shall purge all their fallen Karaks, with the blood of the Greeskins and the skavens !
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Registered Users Posts: 5,663
    You can beat them, lizardmen armies are very strong and they have no way to invade you. But it's going to be very grindy.
  • luther84695luther84695 Member Registered Users Posts: 567
    Just do it.

    After 1000-th victory against the empire doomstacks and beating Karl Franz for the 50-th time, you should be able to finally finish off beat the empire and get ready to move on to the dwarfs.

    You could do that or use a mod such as unnatural selection 2, but you need to start a new game for that.
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