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Steal Food Bug 2020

EiligosEiligos Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited February 16 in Rome II Support
So I've been running into this bug lately that was supposed to be fixed like 2 years ago, but my spies' steal food action manages to give me food without taking anything away from the enemy. In fact, their food supply somehow mirrors what my spy is taking. So, for instance, he was stealing 4 food and the enemy had 4 food in their town; when he ranked up to take +2 food, they somehow also gained +2 food. And yet, the ONLY building the Arevaci have that gives them food is their temple, which as you can see from the first image below only gives them 3 food. So how is it possible that my spy is stealing 9 food, the enemy is only making 3 food, but they somehow have 6 food? If anyone knows a way to fix this, that would be awesome.

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