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Option for scaling the UI

PolyformixPolyformix Registered Users Posts: 1

I recently bought an ultrawide monitor (3440x1440) and while it is entirely compatible with this resolution and an absolute pleasure to play with that much screen space; if i want to play at 3440x1440 the ui is just to small, it's just not playable (unless i stick my face on the screen...). Also while a lot more readable in 1920x1080, the UI is quite stretched and it's uglier.

Considering that more recent tittles (warhammer, attila etc...) have an option to scale up the UI in bigger resolutions, i think it would be excellent to have that option in shogun 2 (i talk only about this one because i didn't install any other older total war right now); i'm kind of sad that i can't enjoy the game in all the beauty of a res i know my graphics card is capable of handling.

That is all, i hope this request can be heard by the developers
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