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CTD after battle when choosing the fate of captured enemy generals in post-battle menu

KuikkaKuikka Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 65
edited February 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
After big battles (at least 2 armies on each side) game crashes as we select between hire, release or execute options. I first thought that the game is in desync and offers same general to both players, but we tried the same battle again and the captured generals weren't the same (i.e. it didn't offer us same generals but different ones). Nonetheless the game crashed after host made his choice. Seems like some kind of resource sharing issue, would be nice that game would double check that the host's option is forced on guest player in order to avoid this kind of issues.

This has happened several times in the campaign already and only solution is to avoid the battle.

V 1.4.1 Build version 12857.1861859

We use Radious-mod (part 1 & 2) and a submod (increased unit upkeep), but I have read this CTD occurs in vanilla as well.
Mod: !sm_radious_upkeep_v_50.pack
Mod: Radious_Total_War_Mod_Part1.pack
Mod: Radious_Total_War_Mod_Part2.pack
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