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About 3d model importing...

FireDestroyerFireDestroyer Registered Users Posts: 3
I'm a new modder to Total War Warhammer 2, and i'm posting this to ask about the 3d model editing on .rigidmodels...
I know how to export them from the game, see them and edit them, but there's a way I can import the models back into the game? The Assembly Kit for TWW2 covers model importing?
  • I know 3ds max can make this but only with a Rome 2 plugin of Steam tools, but I don't own this game
  • Ultimate Unwrap 3d also opens them and can save as .rigidmodel, but I can't buy it and a friend of mine that owns it says that the program is saving corrupted .rigidmodels (some codes are obsolete).
I would be glad for an answer! If any developer can explain this i would be very happy! :)


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