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Consistent Multiplayer Glitches

CallMeMrTibbzCallMeMrTibbz Registered Users Posts: 2
Napoleon has gotten incredibly glitchy as of late. Two of the longstanding glitches are 1) units getting stuck on bridges and buildings and 2) units not maintaining their formation when in close proximity to a contested building, instead they keep trying to shoot at the building or they just stand inactive in a mob mass. Another, more minor one, is units not fleeing incoming enemy units and instead parts of the unit standing and fighting, only to get your unit entangled in combat that you made every effort to avoid. For example, an infantry unit is about to be charged by cavalry so I pull it back to be covered by other units only to watch a dozen men stop and turn to face the enemy while the rest of the unit moves. Once those twelve men are hit by the cavalry, the rest of the unit, now unable to square, is dragged into the fight. It's one thing for the enemy to get the jump on me, but it's another thing for my men to fight when I expressly issued orders for them not to. Now a new one and much more threatening one to competitive gameplay is command glitches. My friend and fellow player recently mentioned the same problem but then it happened to me last night. My units, when lined up in firing range of the enemy, began marching in the direction of the enemy at an angle, without firing a shot. I had to keep halting them and resetting them in formation, only for them to do it again, and again, and again, not firing. I know y'all don't much care about those of us who continue to play this phenomenal game as is evident by your lack of maintenance on the game and apparent lack of responses on this forum, but we'd really appreciate it if you took the time and did a comprehensive review of reported glitches in the game, like mine and many others, and fixed them. Please surprise us by doing just that and showing that you do indeed still care about us. Thank you!


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