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Warhammer FPS Drop

ideakaanideakaan Registered Users Posts: 1
I got another question - My PC spec is:

Stock I5 9600k
16gb ram ddr 4 3000mhz
Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti
Win 10 64 bit and DX 11
Resolution 1920x1080 144hz monitor

I mean when I start custom battle 40 x 40 units with those game settings , it starts at 50-60 fps - when I move my troops fps drops by -10 when they close to enemy fps is around 40-44 fps and when engage combat with enemy it drops again -10 and when finally all units are in fight drops are huge and I got around 20-22 FPS sometimes even 15-18...I spend last 2 days testing many different settings and nothing helps:
Mean turn off AA,turn off Shadows,turn off or reduce all other options except general ultra options I wont change,I tried DSR and run game in 4K and downscale to 1080p,many possible cominations...Mostly in 40 vs 40 but today I try also at 20 vs 20 custom battle and same thing happened - in 20 vs 20 I got only +3 fps more when all units engage in battle than in 40vs40...
No matter what I try and choose there is almost no difference - the only difference is that when I run DSR in 4k GPU works at 80+% sometimes 98% when zoomed instead of standard 43-55% in 1080p...

WTF!? is with this game...I really cant do anything about it...This game denies all my knowledge about perfomance because nothing what usually help not working here and fps boosts are really insignificant(5 fps more)...No matter what settings I used DSR,with AA,without AA,no shadows/with shadows/40vs40 or 20 vs 20 I dont get any differences higher than 5 fps when all units engage in battle i got always around 15-20 or 20-26 fps when I look in direction of hordes of units(when look at sky got 50+ fps with those units fight behind me) and this have no matter I look from distance/close on them...

Is this CPU fault? Also when fps drops frametime in rivatuner osd bacame red with 50-75ms value but this is propably normal when fps drop under 30...


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