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My alternative to climate!

Ferestor#5771Ferestor#5771 Registered Users Posts: 1,313
Hello guys,

the climate that came with WH2 is one of the few points in my opinion that needs to be changed in WH3.

Don't get me wrong, i like the climate more than the solution in WH1 where you only can conquer certain settlements. But i think there could be a better way to implement this feature.

I would like to remove the climate and give each race his own "corruption". In my opinion the vampire counts are the best example for my idea. The missing corruption in new conquered territory will make it difficult to maintain order (alias public order) and thereby it's more difficult to expand.

Also you can see on the map the changes of the corruption. This gives me a more immersion in the world and my own achievements.

So here are my ideas for the different types of "corruption".

Empire: untained

The standard corruption fits here the most. The map should change more than it is now. Today only the vegetation changes. I think that there should emerge more little villages on the map. Not real settlements only little villages to represent the "colonization" of the men.

Bretonnia: untained

Also the standard corruption. The difference to the empire would be the change on the world map. Bretonnia has the knights and the peasantry. And i think the peasantry should be shown on the map. So in my opinion this would be best shown with farms and fields. The vegetation should be the same as today. Also in every main settlement should emerge a lake for the lady.

Dwarfs: industrial

The dwarfs are primarily miners. So that could shown in more mines on the map. I think of open-cast mines or quarries. The style from isengard in the lord of the rings with the open cracks could work.

Vampire counts: vampiric

No change needed.

Greenskins: waste

The GS are more of a nomadic race. There settlements are shown more as tents and conquered dwarf fortresses.
Also they are more for war than peace and are not really civilized. So the map should change in to "the wastelands". The vegetation should be chopped down and every know and then could be little fire or a totem.

Wood elves: wilderness

The WE have one goal. To protect Athel Loren and the Oak of ages and spread the Wood. So the map should show these. No more flatlands, no more villages only a big dense forest with few pathways.

Beastmen: chaos

No change to today. Chaos corruption locks badass.

Norsca: burned

Norsca only goal is to destroy and to raid. to represent this the world map should look burned down.

Chaos Warriors: chaos

No change needed.

High elves: pure magic

The HE are in tune with magic. I think that should show on the map. In there territories should always be a shimmer to represent the winds of magic.(white and gold) The vegetation should look like ulthan.

Dark elves: dark magic

The DE are the opposite of the HE. So the shimmer for the wind of magic should become more sinister.(black and red) The vegetation should change to a more dark and more barren. Also the slaves should be shown more on the map. (like the old trading routes of Medivel2 or Rome)

Lizardmen: jungle

The LM are working to the plan of the old ones. So on the map this should show in that they are spreading the jungle and the geomantic web should be visible on the map all the times.

Skaven: skaven

Skaven have already a own corruption, but this does not show on the map. I can think of little ruins on the map. (Like the villages for empire) maybe even some rats, who run across the map.

Tomb Kings: desert

The TK are a dessert kingdom, to represent this the map could become a giant dessert. They don't need living creatures in there territory so this would make sense.

Vampire coast: swamp

To represent the nature of sea loving vampires the map should become a giant swamp with the typical vampire taint.

Now to future possible races in WH3 and possible pre-order race: (i know some are unlikely but this is here not the point)

Kislev: ice

Kislev has his own unique lore of ice. because of this even chaos has problems when fighting same. So the map should be under a constant snow layer or where it isn't logical (like jungle in Lustria) the settlements should have a own little sphere of ice.

southern Realm: untained

The SR are mostly like the empire and bretonnia. So i think of a combination of the two races. (more farms and fields but not as much as bretonnia and some new villages)

Chaos Daemons: chaos

No change needed.

Chaos Dwarfs: industrial

Like there normal dwarven kin they should industrial the lands. But not as much as mining more like factories. I don't know if the CD are in tune with Chaos, if so the map should also become a chaos taint.

Ogre Kingdoms: burned

Like Norsca the Ogre are a raiding race.

Cathay: untained

Like empire and bretonnia only with an chinese touch to the villages.

Araby: desert

Similar like the TK only with more oasis and more villages near them.

So these are my thoughts. This could also effect the settlements optic. The original race settlement with HE are with magic shimmer, WE have trees in them, VC have spiderwebs and a blue shimmer, etc.

What do you guys thinking? Do you prefer the climate? Do you prefer the WH1 style or do you want a complete different style?

PS: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes. English is not my main language.


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