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Lizardmen New Updated Missing Characters and Units

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This is the fourth in a series of Posts I plan on doing on a complete visual guide to factions and their missing units.

Links to the rest of this series


I've formatted this similar to how you may have seen them before, however I am doing this all from scratch to remaster the visual guides everyone has been drawing from; bringing them up to full speed with the latest DLC, fixing any issues that may have existed in them (such as missing models or artwork) and expanding them to include characters and units that were overlooked in the posts you may have seen before.

That being said, some characters or units never had models and have no noteworthy art that I could find. In the event of a missing model or artwork I have attempted to compensate with a similar model, another art piece, a screenshot I took in-game from a mod or, in the worst-case scenario: a bootleg model *shudders*


Believe it or not, despite the Children of the Old Ones currently holding the title for the most Legendary Lords in the game, they’ve still got roughly 2 DLC’s worth of content left in them; not to mention the lords and heroes besides. The inclusion of the Dread Saurian and Nakai was a welcome surprise, but it came instead of the more obvious choices from the 8th edition material, so even though they currently have the most lords, they also weirdly have the most justification for more LP's since their missing stuff is some of the most credible out there. Their current roster is fairly rock-solid, but there are still niches to fill and overall just adding more flavour and variation to the faction would be the goal from here on out. Tehenhauin in particular is one of the many characters in WH2 that could greatly benefit from a Sub-Faction DLC, just like Clan Pestilens, Alith Anar and Skarsnik to name a few.

Missing Lords and Heroes

(optional) Info on these Characters and how they could work in WH2.
Chakax The Eternity warden is the greatest living Temple Guard of Xlanhuapec, the City of Mists. Even with the near-immortal lifespan of the Saurus, very few among them ever prove themselves worthy enough to become a Temple Guard and protect a Slann Mage-Priests in their most vulnerable moments as they meditate in their chambers; and of those few who become Temple Guards, only a handful are ever raised to the sacred rank of “Eternity Warden”. Chakax is one of those sacred few and has been known to hold his post for centuries at a time, standing so still that insects might land upon him freely.

Only the most powerful of the Slann are permuted to contemplate from Xlanuapec’s Eternity Chamber and while in other cities there may be entire regiments of Temple Guard stationed at their defence, here Chakax stands alone in his silent vigil and he has never allowed a Slann under his protection to fall; slaughtering entire legions of enemies who dared try, (Even a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh) all of them meeting their end beneath the deadly 2 handed swings of his Star-Stone Mace.

Chakax's finest moment was perhaps when he faced off against a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. It was during the year of the Jade Star Sea (2223IC) that an echo of the Great Catastrophe came to Lustria. Slaa'Ulaan, a Daemon Prince referred to in the archives as 'the nether-thing of the second moon', was amongst the most vile and destructive fiends of Chaos ever to wage war against the Lizardmen. The servant of Slaanesh had despoiled his way across Lustria during the Great Catastrophe. He had committed what to the Lizardmen was surely the most heinous of blasphemies, taking particular delight in the defeat and capture of a number of Mage-Priests, who were sacrificed in obscene rituals to the Prince of Pleasure. It was only thanks to the efforts of Huinitenuchli, Chakax's master, that Slaa'Ulaan's reign of terror was ended, but the battle was costly and the Slann suffered great injuries that day, which would take the Mage-Priest many centuries to recover from.

Many years later, the Daemon Prince returned to Lustria. Lord Huinitenuchli, who had relocated to Xlanhuapec, could not be roused from his slumber despite his attendants' persistent efforts; instead, they opted to wake his subordinate, Lord Tenuchli. Tenuchli was accompanied by his Eternity Warden, the mighty Chakax, Prime Guardian of the City of Mists and the still groggy Mage-Priests army set out to face the vile Daemon Prince at the Pillars of Unseen Constellation.

The pillars had been daubed with blasphemous runes and obscenely pulsing chains were wrapped about them. Waves of impure energy radiated from the defiled masonry, stunning the Lizardmen and dulling their senses; making their steps sluggish and sapping their strength. As the Saurus struggled to even raise their weapons, the Daemon Prince struck and the Lizardmen were cut down by wave upon wave of Bloodletters and Daemonettes. In scant minutes, only Lord Tenuchli remained, with Chakax standing immobile before him. Having stood guard within the Star Chamber of the Slann, Chakax was accustomed to magical effects, and was able to shrug off the Daemon's disorienting spells.

Slaa'Ulaan charged the Eternity Warden, believing he'd been rendered helpless as with the other Saurus. In an instant, just before the Daemon Prince was able to strike, Chakax exploded into violent motion, hacking the Slaa'Ulaan's form into a steaming pulp of bubbling Daemonic Ichor before returning to immobility at his master's side. But the Daemon had one last deception to weave. As his spirit fled his ruined body, Slaa'Ulaan unleashed a fearsome arcane blast, directed straight at Lord Tenuchli. Chakax leaped in front of the shot, but The Mage-Priest was still grievously wounded, and his palanquin toppled to the ground. The Daemon host dissipated at the death of their master and Chakax was left the sole surviving warrior of the army. Though his master was wounded, he could not leave his side to seek help, lest the jungle devour Tenuchli in his absence. Instead, he stood over his master's supine form, protecting him against the predatory beasts of the jungle day and night for an entire cycle of the moon. Eventually, a search party from Xlanhuapec found the Eternity Warden and his charge. The still unconscious Tenuchli was hoisted onto the back of a Stegadon and returned to the City of Mists, with the ever-devoted Eternity Warden keeping pace beside it every step of the way:

Chakax has “Hero” written all over him, he’s functionally a great-weapon wielding equivalent to Gor-Rok, an absolute tank with less of a focus on killing enemy characters (like Gor-Rok has) and more a focus on outliving them and brushing aside their blows. If he comes in a DLC, it will likely be alongside Huinitenuchli, the high Mage Priest Chakax’s home city.

Huinitenuchli is the Senior Mage-Priest of Xlanhuapec who taught the other Slann of the cities protective Mists and has defended the Lizardmen Empire on many occasions.

During the Great Catastrophe when the whole Lizardmen Empire was besieged by Chaos, Slaa'Ulaan, a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, known to the Lizardmen as 'The Nether-thing of the Second Moon' was amongst the most vile and destructive fiends ever to ravage the continent of Lustria, despoiling his way across the continent and taking particular delight in the defeat and capture of many Mage-Priests, who were sacrificed in Obscene rituals to the Prince of Pleasure. It was only by the efforts of the Mage-Priest Lord Huinitenuchli of Pahuax that Slaa'Ulaan was eventually defeated at the Battle of Xuhua Lake, though the Slann's body was grievously wounded and it took him many years to recover.

Huinitenuchli was later relocated to Xlanhuapec, where he would invent the unique mist magic the city was famous for, and be the one to meet the High Elves when they made landfall on the Continent for the very first time, slaughtering them almost to a man and sending them back in tatters to warn the Phoenix King: Bel Shanaar of what they had witnessed. The bloody meeting left the Asur fearful of the Lizardmen and dissuaded them from setting foot on the continent for centuries to come.

During the End Times, there were scant few Mage-Priests left, let alone ones from the Second Spawning as Hunitenuchli was. Despite his immense age, he had lost none of his mental acuity (though he's prone to dosing off and waking him can be quite the ordeal). It was he who commanded the Ancient mists of the city in its defence against the encroaching Skaven. Xlanhuapec's defenders had been greatly depleted as much of their forces had been sent up north to reinforce their allies, but the city's position at the centre of a great quagmire and its magical defences helped to greatly slow down the enemy. Skinks and Kroxigors used their aquatic nature to their benefit, striking in gorilla attacks, picking off Skaven patrols one by one. It was only through their Warplock Engineers that the Skaven were able to dispel the Mist and rout the Lizardmen. Despite their best efforts though, they aren't able to slay their real quarry, which is the Slaan who are hidden away in their star chamber thanks to the many traps, Old One tech and of course, Chakax (thanks to the nature of the End Times, Chakax and Huinitenuchli survive this assault but are forgotten about after this, just like Gor-Rok, Nakai and Kroq-Gar).

Huinitenuchli is another great potential for a Lord Pack. He would come with Chakax at his side and could have spells unique to him, related to the fog magic that shrouds the city of Xlanhuapec in a protective mist. His settlements could all be hidden on the campaign map and he could be justified in gaining an ability similar to the Tomb Kings, where he uses a rite to shroud his territory in the mystical fog and cause attrition to all enemies who set foot upon his lands for a time, among other things.

Inxi-Huinzi is one of the most cunning and persistent of the Lizardmen Leaders to make an assault on the Upstart colony of Skeggi. The Lizardmen were happy to leave well enough alone with the Norscans, but they became greedy, sending many raiding parties into the jungle in an attempt to plunder the Lizardmen's riches and slaughter their people. So Inxi-Huinzi was selected to lead the charge against the Marauders of the north, Upon his trusty Horned One, he swept through the jungle with his Cold One Riders, coordinating with Skink infantry to ambush the Norscans wherever they may be, often catching them unprepared on the beaches, bursting through the treeline with lightning speed and pelting the Northmen with javelins and poisoned darts, before tearing into them with a cavalry charge and vanishing back beyond the treeline.

Despite his brave and relentless efforts, the Norse have not been driven into the sea; yet their expansion has been halted and their raids curtailed due to the efforts of him and his Cold One Riders. Inxi-Huinzi one of the only Skinks to have ever tamed a Horned one and he carries dozens of poisoned spears which he hurls at his enemies with perfect precision before engaging them in melee.

A Legendary Chameleon Skink, also known as "He who Hunts Unseen", Oxyotl was alive when the first chaos invasion erupted in Lustria. He held the defence at the Temple City of Pahuax while the Slann mage priest: "Pocaxalan" prepared a mighty spell to destroy the Chaos horde. Alas, the Slann drew to greedily from the Winds of Magic and the spell spiralled out of control, playing right into their enemy’s hands. The fabric of time and space began to tear and the whole city and its inhabitants were transported into the Realms of Chaos.

Oxyotl awoke after the ordeal to find himself in a living nightmare, the whole temple city lay in ruins, scattered before him across the impossible landscape of the Immaterium and he was surrounded by Daemons who were feasting upon his fellow Lizardmen that weren’t fortunate enough to share his camouflaged skin. Amidst the carnage and the slaughter, the Chameleon Skink was able to slip away.

The passage of time flows differently in the Realms of chaos: a year within may actually be centuries in the real world and vice versa. Oxyotl thus found himself alone, surrounded by the incomparable horrors of Chaos and after a time the Daemons were made aware of his presence and began to pursue him. Oxyotl still managed to ambush many of these evil beings, becoming an expert in hunting and evading his Daemonic pursuers by covering his scent with the blood of the Daemons, but still, there seemed no way out. Oxyotl was trapped in the hellscape of the Warp for what must have felt like an eternity, watching, waiting in the shadows for any hope of escape, witnessing countless things that would drive any being insane. Eventually, he was able to find a way out, but he would never forget what he had seen, what the world was destined to become if the fight against the Chaos Gods was to falter.

He passed through fell places that he cannot recount to others or even himself for fear of going mad. On the journey back, he alone discovered and walked through the fabled Lost City of the Old Ones, yet the Skink tells no tales. Upon his return to Lustria, over 7,000 years had passed. It is not known how Oxyotl escaped, for he dare not speak of it and the Slann fear to read his mind, lest the taint of Chaos remain within him. As soon as he was able, he gathered others of his kind and has waged a war of revenge against the forces of Chaos; no one knows how, but he can detect the presence of the Daemons and is able to perfectly ambush them, even as they arrive from a portal into this world. At the height of the siege of Hexoatl, Oxyotl was able to assassinate a Greater Deamon of Tzeentch, stopping his call for reinforcements and saving the great city. After each great deed, Oxyotl merely fades back into the jungle, perhaps already en route to where he is needed next.

Tetto'eko is the chief Astromancer of the Temple of the Eclipse in Tlaxtlan and one of the greatest Skink Priests in the history of the Lizardmen. He’s so revered for his abilities that his people treat him with reverence equal to any Slann and he’s even been given a floating Palanquin of his own. At over 100 years old, 'eko is one of the oldest Skinks to ever exist, yet his mind has not dulled with age and his unprecedented ability to predict the future and manipulate the web of fate only seems to grow with time. His foresight has averted many dire events before they transpired: he's warned cities to prepare to attacks, foiled assassination attempts on Mazdamundi, aided Oxyotl in his endeavours and the Lizardmen have never lost a battle with Tetto'eko on the field.

Tetto’eko as a LL in Warhammer would likely have a faction with great bonuses to ambush defence and success chances as well as a great boon Skink Priests and Winds of magic.

Due to his foresight and the fact that he’s a skink priest, this makes Tetto’eko perhaps the most ideal lord choice to implement the Skink Oracles and Troglodons as well.

Generic Hero

Skink Oracle
Skink Oracles Travel the land atop their Fearsome Troglodon Mounts, seeking out lost artefacts of the Old Ones or Investigating Disturbances felt in the Geomantic Web. The Slann are able to see the world through the Eyes of the Skink Oracles and cast Spells through them. This telepathic link means the Oracles often appear just when they are needed the most. All Lizardmen rally at the back of the Skink Oracles, for the Wailing cries of their Troglodon stirs their savagery and proves that they have the favour of the Old Ones.

Implementation into Warhammer 2
These would be interesting new lord/hero for the Lizardmen, since they act as conduits for the Slann, who are able to see through their eyes and cast through them. They could be a hybrid magic-melee hero, focused on buffing winds of magic and the effectiveness of their lords magic capabilities rather than having significant powers of their own. This would make them incredibly useful when paired with a mage lord and would function similar to Naieth the Prophetess for the Wood Elves and the mages like her who focus on the art of divination.

Missing Units

Please Read: This post is so big that the info on these units had to be moved to the first comment directly below the OP. If you'd like to know more, you'll find them there :)
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    (optional) Info on these Units and how they could work in WH2.
    The Archanadon is an enigmatic and endangered beast that only dwells within the deepest parts of the jungle, where even the Lizardmen rarely venture. During the rise of the Cult of Sotek, Tehenhauin routed the Skaven of Clan Pestilens all the way back to their stronghold at the defiled Lizardmen City of Quetza. Tehenhauin’s Skink forces surrounded and besieged the Skaven stronghold, while Tehenhauin took a select few of his disciples with him into the jungle. On the rising of the 3rd day since his disappearance, the Prophet of Sotek returned riding a fearsome Arcanadon, and upon the beasts back he and his disciples had mounted an artefact of incalculable age and power; one crafted according to the mysterious ways of the Old Ones themselves. This Engine of the Gods brought hellfire down upon the Skaven invaders and became the first of many such devices that the Lizardmen would wield against their enemies.

    The Arcanadon was the original beast that carried Engine of the Gods in 6th edition, but later on they’d leave it as just another denizen of the Lustrian jungle (Likely to save money on models, so they could just use the bog-standard Stegadon for it from then on). if CA was able to find the time to remodel the Engine of the Gods unit it would be fantastic to see, the more types of dino’s the merrier and it would help emphasise the great importance of the Engine if it were carried by such a unique and ferocious beast (also the Stegadon is used for about 4 different units at the moment and the Bastiladon and Salamanders are both used for 2-3 different units each, so the repeated use of the same dino models is getting a little crazy).

    Otherwise, the Arcanadon could stand on its own as another unique unit all together if CA found a niche for it. I’ve seen users suggest that it might be a more reasonable version of the Thunder Lizard, which is a good point also.

    Based on the Real ancient Mesoamerican deity known as the "Quetzalcoatl" or the "Feathered Serpent". In Warhammer they are said to be highly intelligent and powerful Magic users, able to contort the form of the jungle around them, similar to Nakai, meaning that as they travel through the jungle, the trees and other flora will twist and bend out of their way, while also covering their retreats as well, allowing them to fly unimpeded through the canopy and keep Intruders away from where they reside. The Skink Priests believe the Coatl to be the manifestation of the Old one Tepok and are venerated by the Skinks as sacred creatures of the air, magic and places of power.

    The Coatl are sometimes seen as Messengers of the Gods; their appearance at a sacred site when it is under threat is a sign that the power of the old ones will be granted to the Lizardmen. When a Coatl attacks, they rarely leave any witnesses; those few who have lived to tell the tale speak of a horrifying force of nature that is able to call upon the ancient mystical power that permeates the Jungle. Coatl appear before intruders from the Skies upon a thunderous wind; churning the jungle canopy and stirring the undergrowth into a frenzy. The skies darken, the jungle shifts and those trespassing are soon hopelessly disoriented; lost within a swirling maelstrom of magical aspect.

    Coatl’s on Tabletop were actually considered caster heroes; a Level 4 Wizard with access to the lore of light, life and heavens. To translate this to the WH trilogy, they could be a unit affected by the winds of magic, similar to the Black Coach. Perhaps they are able to boost allied winds and also have bound spells. This might all sound a little OP and I think that implementing it as a unit on its own should be their first priority, even if it means losing this cool aspect for the sake of balance.

    Feral Culchans
    The Culchan is a huge, flightless, carnivorous bird that lives on the pampas grasslands in the south of Lusria. It is prized for its multi-coloured plumes and for its flesh, which is considered a delicacy by Human and Slann alike. The creatures are extremely fierce, but it is possible to use them as mounts if hand reared. Consequently: eggs and hatchlings are very valuable.

    These unusual birds have strong legs and necks, whilst their head is similar to that of a parrot, their beaks are exceptionally strong and can easily crack a man's skull. Their plumage is usually brown, but males in good condition grow a completely new set of colourful red and blue plumage, as well as long tails and crests and an adult Culchans can reach 8 or 9ft in height.

    Regardless of whether or not this unit gets in, I think they should give feral Cold Ones Alti-Large to make them a little less useless. If they did that, the Culchans could be their faster Anti-Infantry variant for the Lizardmen.

    Culchan Mounts
    Oxyl: The Eternal City was built on the threshold where the jungle gives way to the great Culchan Plains. Oyxl was ruined by Daemons during the Great Catastrophe, but its Great Pyramid is still attended by Skink Priests and it is said that the Skinks of the city have mastered the Carnivorous, flightless birds that roam the surrounding plains and use them to patrol far from the city walls. Some explorers have even claimed that Culchans provide vicious mounts for the warriors of the Amazon people who dwell upon the endless plains.

    Culchan Skink Riders could make for a fast, mid-tier, Anti-Infantry counterpart to the Cold One Riders that are in the game now.

    Feral Troglodon
    Also known as "the Pale Death", these great Spinosaurus lookalikes spend most of their existence haunting the subterranean grotto's that span the length of the continent. The Troglodon's are virtually blind and must rely on their other senses to hunt their prey; utilising their forked tongues or the horn-like protrusions on their face. Skink Priests claim that the Twin-tailed beast is marked by either the Old Ones, the Serpent god Sotek, or perhaps both. Their mouths drip with acidic poison like Komodo Dragons and their spit sears through flesh and bone; helping them better triangulate their prey's location by their wails of agony and the sound of their sizzling flesh.

    These ferocious creatures are untameable, killing reptile or man alike who venture too close...with one exception: A Skink who is born with a forked tail (a blessing from Sotek himself) can instantly tame the Pale Death, often adorning their new mounts with gems or precious metals to show its sacred status.

    the Troglodon has poisonous attacks, Aquatic and its very fast. You could give it a ranged attack with low ammunition, but It might be better suited to functioning like a breath attack with a few charges and a cooldown. It would be an Anti-Infantry alternative to the Carnosaur, similar to how the Kharibdyss is an alternative to the Hydra.

    Great Crested Skinks/Skink Champions
    These are catch-all names I'm using to gesture toward the fact that we need a few more Skink variants. Red Crested Skinks are good, but they can't replace Saurus or Temple Guard and even with his buffs, Tehenhauin's front line of Skinks will eventually hit a brick wall up against high-tier units, so the Skinks need at least one more variant that can deal with sustained combat (and while we're on the subject: Skink Cohorts are completely redundant, they need to be reworked).

    The Red Shields
    Although they Emerged out of the Spawning Pools of Axlotl, the large red crests of these Skinks indicated that they would not swell the ranks of that army. Upon shaking off the waters of their making, these Skinks travelled far into the jungle depths, drawn by a hissing call. They were a sacred spawning of Sotek, fated to join the infamous Red Host of Tehenhauin. During their journey, they found and slew the most enormous Fangadon, fashioning red shields from its mighty hide. Led by the Chieftain Hui-ixxen, the Red Shields were notoriously Fierce, savagely beheading all rat-spawn they encountered.

    As with the previous entry, this is yet another example of how we could flesh out the Cult of Sotek and give them more Skink variants to allow them to stand on their own two feet and not have to eventually capitulate to the more viable Saurus for their front line infantry. These could be a RoR unlocked via the factions unique mechanics, but CA could also create a generic version to allow for a stronger and more thematic Skink front line.

    On the whole, I think CA has either done a spectacular job at translating models 1 to 1 or they’ve actually outdone the old Tabletop models. Its rare that I’d say I dislike a model or that they implemented a unit objectively wrong…and yet here we are. Not only were the Razordons a bizarre reskin of the Salamanders, but they’re probably the most useless unit in the game currently, with no real effective niche and no real edge over Salamanders. Razordons are a completely different creature in the fluff and on Tabletop so they need a remodel and rework.

    Sacred Serpent of Sotek
    When Clan Pestilens first turned to their vile Plague-ridden ways, they ravaged the continent of Lustria for nearly 1500 years, digging a complex tunnel system that ran underneath many Temple-Cities, wiping out entire armies with the plague and setting up a stronghold in Quetza, now known as "the Defiled City", things were looking dire and the Lizardmen had no way to fight the plague...that is, until the rise of Tehenhauin, the Prophet of Sotek and his Red Host of Skinks. Tehenhauin spoke of a prophesy he had foreseen of a Great Serpent god who would rise up, help them vanquish the Rat menace, seek out their horned rat god and devour him.

    He and his Red Crested Skinks were immune to disease and so they were unscathed by the main tools of Pestilens and thus, were able to tear their way across the continent, driving the Rat hordes all the way back to their Stronghold in Quetza. They Sacrificed thousands of Skaven in the name of Sotek and thousands of Snakes of all sizes followed in their wake and filled up the tunnels of the Skaven, forcing them to the surface. Sotek Spoke to Tehenhauin and told him of the Engines of the Gods and their locations, his forces strapped them to the back of Arcanadons and became the first of their kind to use them since the days of the Old Ones. Eventually, the rats were driven all the way to the sea where they almost escaped upon their ramshackle ships, until Sotek himself rose out of the sea and swallowed the rat-fleet whole.

    The Mage-Priests were sceptical of the validity of Sotek, for they had seen no evidence of his coming, but with his unprecedented success, Tehenahuin was brought before the Slann, where he presented them with the forgotten Plaques as proof of the Serpent Gods validity. The Slann could no longer doubt the Skinks patron god and they declared that new Ziggurats be raised in every Temple-City to honour Sotek in his endeavour to purge the rat-menace once and for all. Every Temple of Sotek has a sacred Snake-pit of great depth. At the bottom of every pit dwells an ancient and enormous Serpent that has been nurtured by the Skinks for centuries due to their sanctity. All Snakes are sacred in their religion, but the more gigantic the serpent, the more sacred it is considered.

    Sotek is honoured and invoked by throwing sacrificial victims down into the Snake-pit to be devoured by the temple serpents. This unit could be the centrepiece of Tehenhauin's Faction and could even be tied to the Sacrifice mechanic. Perhaps you unlock it via sacrifices, or they could even make different tiers of Snakes that get bigger and better the more victims you feed it (meaning that they require more sacrifices to unlock).

    Skink Cold One Riders and Skirmish Cavalry
    Back in 5th Edition, Great Crested Skinks were the only ones that could successfully mount a Cold One, or at least, they were the main Riders cited in the Army Book. This combined with Tichi-Huichi's raiders and a few other sources could justify the inclusion of a Skink variant of Cold One Riders, perhaps just for Tehenhauin. The more interesting choice would be the Skirmisher cavalry, based on Tichi-Huichi's Raiders and Inxi-Huinzi, this could add a genuinely great niche to the LM roster in the form of a Kiting fast but squishy cavalry option.

    Thunder Lizard
    Thunder Lizards are behemoths, so large they dwarf even the mighty Stegadon. Their tread shakes the earth and their deafening roar can be heard for miles around. They devastate the jungle with their passing, leaving miles-long trails of broken trees and tramped vegetation in their wake.

    Fortunately for the Lizardmen, Thunder Lizards are rare and the jungle is so massive that the two species seldom come into contact. Should a Thunder Lizard's distant roar be heard, then runners will be sent to the nearest Temple-City and the populace evacuated, lest the beast's path takes it near. A Thunder Lizard passing through a city is akin to a natural disaster of the kind that sunk the settlement of Chupayotl. The chief defence against a Thunder Lizard is for a Slann to bring his formidable powers to bear on the creature's mind, forcing it to turn aside from the city and take an alternative path through the jungle.

    There has been one instance in which a Thunder Lizards mind could not be swayed. During the time of Lord Amazixan's second ascension, one of these mighty behemoths was observed locked in deadly combat with some form of sea monster that had risen from the depths and come inland from the Tarantula Coast. The battle between the two creatures went on and off for an entire cycle of the moons and destroyed vast swathes of the jungle. At the last confrontation, the combatants smashed through the outer limits of Xlanhuapec, the City of Mists. Though many Slann pooled their magical powers, the Mage-Priests were unable to penetrate the beasts' frenzied minds to steer them clear. When the waning beasts had finally passed on, entirely unaware of the destruction they had wrought in their passing, the ancient Temple of the Lost had been destroyed along with countless numbers of the irreplaceable relics that had been housed within since before the time of the Great Catastrophe.

    These things are ridiculous in size, more akin to a walking city than a unit. If they are Implemented at all it would likely only be if CA decides to do a "Super units" DLC similar to what other Strategy games do, With other similar OP units for other factions like the Verminlord, Khemric Titan, the Sea Dragon, Water Incarcerates and things of that nature.
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    This was an interesting one to go over again because I did a deep dive into the source material and I’ve been finding a lot of stuff that has gone under the radar and legit sources to things that have been assumed to be fan-made for a long time. I even ended up adding Arcanadon and Culchan entries to the Warhammer Wiki, along with a few other things.

    I should say that I’m not sure all of this will come, but these are basically all of the possible options for the Lizardmen from here on out and so if CA is going to give us more, they’ll likely draw from this pool of units/characters.

    Notes on other Missing Characters:
    While there are a few other missing characters that aren’t on this list, their absence is either because they are just footnotes or because they are the same as, yet objectively worse than, the characters I listed. For example; Lotl-Botl was the token Temple Guard character before Chakax was invented and Chakax was a literal replacement for him. Lord Xloc also is a Slann noted for fighting Luthor Harkon, but Luther is already in the game, Xloc has no real affiliations or interesting characteristics otherwise and so he’s just Huinitenuchli but less interesting.

    Notes on the Thunder Lizard:
    The Thunder Lizard had no official model or artwork, the two you see in my post are the most popular fanmade things that circulate the forums all the time. The Artwork comes from a devientart user called Rodrigo-Vega and The model was created by a user from the "Lustria Online" Forums called "strategiccommand" who took a Starwars Dewback toy, repainted it, created a diorama around it and used 14 Stegadon/Engine of the Gods kits, 2 Kroxigors, a Slann mage priest and a few Terradons above to bring it to life (he even got a crystal to glow on top of the Engine of the Gods), he then showed it at Game Day 2011 in Chicago and sold it.

    just thought I'd clarify where all this came from since they've been shown and re-shown for so long that alot of people don't remember where they come from. Mystery Solved ^^

    As always, here’s an extra Lizardmen unit from the Dogs of War that could always make it into the main roster:

    Tichi-Huichi’s Raiders
    After the first Chaos invasion, the Lizardmen Empire lay in tatters and their people had been wiped clean from the Old World and most of the Southlands, with their Temple cities toppled and spawning pools defiled.

    There were but a few City vigils left in these distant lands, but one by one they would fall silent. The city of Enxilada in the Southlands was the latest of these bastions to fall to a mysterious Pestilence. It was here in these quiet ruins, tucked out of sight in a thicket of the jungle under a full moon that the spawning pool stirred, and a new generation was born.

    Any plaques that might have foretold this event had long since been lost and no Slann had turned their thoughts to this corner of the world since it fell silent all those years ago, there was but one Lizardmen who knew of the spawning and was there to tend to the new arrivals: Tichi Huichi, the last Enxiladian. In his inspection of the Skink tadpoles, Tichi noticed that they were favoured by the gods and their great crests signified that they would grow to be strong enough to dominate a Cold One; in searching more through the ruins he discovered that a batch of Horned Ones had been born in tandem to the new Skinks. Without the Slann there to offer guidance or a Plaque to direct his actions, Tichi Huichi did not know what the great plan had in store for him or these young ones, but he knew that they were destined for greatness.

    Soon Tichi had raised the Skinks to be incredible riders and taught them all he knew of Enxiadan Culture, they were ready to face the world and it was at this time that a Slann from Zlatlan (Tiktaq’to start position) turned his attention at last to the ruins and the new Skink cavalry therein. The Slann evoked profound thoughts within Tuichi Huichi’s mind and he finally understood his purpose. Saddling their Horned One mounts, he and his Skinks rode north to the Great Desert and the lands of Araby and Nehekhara.

    Tichi and his band of Raiders would go from place to place and offer their services to the other races in return for nothing but the ancient Lizardmen relics that they had in their possession. Secretly aided by the Slann in Zlatlan who would project thoughts into the Masters of Tichi Huichi’s raiders, persuading them to hand over their relics and thus securing them for the children of the old ones once more.

    Tichi Huichi’s raiders are light armoured Anti-Large Horned One Riders that cause fear and have a unique ability similar to Nasty Skulkers where they cast a tropical fatigue on their enemies that slows them down, but in this case, it is designed so the Raiders can pull out of an engagement without fear of being pursued.

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    Thunder Lizard
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  • Fan3982173917524862Fan3982173917524862 Registered Users Posts: 1,584
    Razordons are already in, though I wouldn't blame you for forgetting about them since they weren't really standing out and are overshadowed by regular salamanders, who should be repurposed to a flamethrower ranged attack type to give the Razordons their identity.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416

    Razordons are already in, though I wouldn't blame you for forgetting about them since they weren't really standing out and are overshadowed by regular salamanders, who should be repurposed to a flamethrower ranged attack type to give the Razordons their identity.

    I didn't forget, If you read the blurb that I wrote for them.
  • kufaree#1220kufaree#1220 Registered Users Posts: 869
    I dont care about this because we got a legendary slann lord, a legendary slann hero, a saurus, another saurus, krixigor, skink and another skink legendary lord. So the lizardmen army is finished to me.
  • Fan3982173917524862Fan3982173917524862 Registered Users Posts: 1,584

    Razordons are already in, though I wouldn't blame you for forgetting about them since they weren't really standing out and are overshadowed by regular salamanders, who should be repurposed to a flamethrower ranged attack type to give the Razordons their identity.

    I didn't forget, If you read the blurb that I wrote for them.
    I see, I didn't expand the 2nd replies spoiler column, only saw the text in the posts.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    edited March 2020
    kufaree said:

    I dont care about this because we got a legendary slann lord, a legendary slann hero, a saurus, another saurus, krixigor, skink and another skink legendary lord. So the lizardmen army is finished to me.

    As I stated in my second to last comment, I don't necessarily expect all of this to come, this is just for posterity. I'm trying to make the most complete list of decent missing options that are left for them so that fans and CA can have an easy go to if they ever want to see what could still be on offer.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416

    Yeah Sorry about that, the posts have a 3000 word limit, I'm always worried that people will miss it or not bother with it if its not in the main post. Nothing I can do about it though unfortunately :/
  • DraculasaurusDraculasaurus Registered Users Posts: 4,771

    The Lizardmen are done.
  • GoatforceGoatforce Registered Users Posts: 8,389
    I think they could definitely do one more pack, the Trog would be great and I would also love to see both the Sacred Serpent and the Cuotl, but I'm not sure about the other stuff.

    Tetto-Ecco, Skink Oracle (with Trog Mount), Cuotl and Serpent would be amazing, maybe with a Oxyotl LH FLC would more than complete the LM to me
  • Theo91#7431Theo91#7431 Registered Users Posts: 2,887
    I like the series OP, +1

    I don’t think the LM need much tho. Oxytl and troglodon in a flc would be great but I honestly wouldn’t care if the LM didn’t get anything else going forward. That faction in my eyes is complete

    BM, GS, empire have far more remaining potential imo
  • DeathsDayOffDeathsDayOff Registered Users Posts: 479
    Incase y'all are interested in what quetzalcoatl looks like
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    edited March 2020
    @Draculasaurus @Theo91

    Even if you wanted to make the argument that they have as many units as they need, the state of the Razordons and the fact that Skink Cohorts and Feral Cold Ones are literally useless and the fact that Nakai is completely broken means they are FAR from done.

    They, like all WH2 factions could also do with more faction mechanics. CA said they will be doing updates for WH2 factions in WH3 as they are doing now for WH1 factions.

    LM could easily get the ability to terraform, teleport, the Geomantic Web could be made more interesting, the Cult of Sotek should be fleshed out and their faction mechanic needs more depth. Nakai needs to be fixed and so on.

    Remember this is how people acted when it came to the Vampire Counts and look at them now, they're pitiful on the map.

    Don't let recent LM saturation affect your judgement, think of this more critically. I swear this will bite fans in the backside in WH3 when you all start begging for them to renew the contract and keep going with the content drops and updates.

    A faction is never done until all their reasonable options are exhausted. For the Lizardmen, these are the last of those options (that I'm aware of).
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    @Draculasaurus @Theo91

    Of course other factions need more attention right now, I'll get to them. But that doesn't mean the LM need to end all content drops.
  • LabriaLabria Registered Users Posts: 2,233
    edited March 2020
    Many interesting stuff. I hope Lizardmen will get 3rd Lord pack and a few FLC legendary lords. I would like to see something like this:

    Legendary Lord: Tetto'eko with Astronomy and predicting the future mechanics
    Generic Lord: Skink Oracle with Troglodon and Coatl mount options.
    Generic hero: Kroxigor hero
    Units: Troglodon, Coatl, generic version of Tichi-Huichi's Raiders and maybe Thunder Lizard in the size Dread Saurian for WoW effect.
    + Oxyotl FLC Legendary Lord
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    edited March 2020

    Unfortunately "Astromancy" just means he's a Lore of Heaven's mage, although he can predict the future of course.

    He'd have a great synergy with the Skink Oracles and the Trogs as a result, but His start is right next to Wulfhart and Nakai, Though I'd hope they'd move him.

    I feel Like Oxyotl has a better precedent for an LP, but I really Like Tetto, they could just move him to The LM Settlements in the far east or something.
  • ArneSo#7705ArneSo#7705 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 36,877
    Tetto’eco & Oxyotl are the best candidates. Chakax would also be cool but he’s just another melee Saurus so I don’t see him coming.

    Lord & Hero
    - Skink Oracle
    - Coatl (if not a unit)

    - Troglodon
    - Thunderlizard
    - Culchan Riders
    - Coatl (if not a hero)

    Please CA, let me rebuild the great City of the Old Ones in Kuresh!
  • DraculasaurusDraculasaurus Registered Users Posts: 4,771

    @Draculasaurus @Theo91

    Of course other factions need more attention right now, I'll get to them. But that doesn't mean the LM need to end all content drops.

    I just think it's highly unlikely they will get anything. They've got more named characters than any other race, their roster is quite robust, I just don't see them getting much more. The best case scenario, to my mind, is a crossover lord pack in WH3, where a DLC Lizardmen lord gets to start in the Dragon Isles.
  • NeodeinosNeodeinos Registered Users Posts: 15,552
    Tichi Huichi's raiders should be a DoW unit.
    Razordon model is fine imo but they do need a rework.
  • ArneSo#7705ArneSo#7705 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 36,877

    @Draculasaurus @Theo91

    Of course other factions need more attention right now, I'll get to them. But that doesn't mean the LM need to end all content drops.

    I just think it's highly unlikely they will get anything. They've got more named characters than any other race, their roster is quite robust, I just don't see them getting much more. The best case scenario, to my mind, is a crossover lord pack in WH3, where a DLC Lizardmen lord gets to start in the Dragon Isles.
    Well we need some content further down the road to keep this game alive.

    Do you think CA wants this game to die 2 years after release? Unlikely.

    I expect 3-5 years of awesome content when WH3 is out. So more stuff for DE and LM would be great! Not right now of course, but in 3 years it would be great.
  • LabriaLabria Registered Users Posts: 2,233


    Unfortunately "Astromancy" just means he's a Lore of Heaven's mage, although he can predict the future of course.

    He'd have a great synergy with the Skink Oracles and the Trogs as a result, but His start is right next to Wulfhart and Nakai, Though I'd hope they'd move him.

    I feel Like Oxyotl has a better precedent for an LP, but I really Like Tetto, they could just move him to The LM Settlements in the far east or something.

    Maybe Tetto'eko can have permanent Astromancy Stance. Something like Skaven with ambush. Also, maybe he can have ability to reveal part of map in battle and campaign. It doubt it will be problem for CA to send him to crazy expedition to Dragon Isles. We don't need another Lizardmen Legendary Lord in Lustria.

    I think Tetto'eko have greater potencial for interesting mechanics. Sure, I can imagine Oxyotl with second Lizardmen horde faction in Chaos Wastes but this will be just copy of Nakai mechanics. I think It will be better to add him in FLC.
  • gunner8521gunner8521 Registered Users Posts: 488
    I think the lizardmen are pretty much done in terms of lords and Heroes, anything else would just be fluff content. it would be cool to get the Troglodon and the Coatl but I think its unlikely and I don't know if it will warrant an other DLC for them.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    PdcGunner said:

    I think the lizardmen are pretty much done in terms of lords and Heroes, anything else would just be fluff content. it would be cool to get the Troglodon and the Coatl but I think its unlikely and I don't know if it will warrant an other DLC for them.

    Fluff content is valid and there are alot of gems there. Most of this isn't fluff, most of it is in the army books and almost all of it has official rules.

    Trogladons and Coatl's aren't unlikely and both would warrant their own DLC because they are both centrepiece units.
  • PoorManatee6197PoorManatee6197 Registered Users Posts: 2,480
    I would like to suggest generic relic priest as a possible unit. They wouldnt be like Kroak of course, but something more like the bretonnian grail reliquae, a very vulnerable unit that doesnt attack but with high buffs to all the lizardmen around it.
    #MakeDwarfsGreatAgain Josef Bugman, Thorek Ironbrow, Alrik Ranulfsson, Grimm Burloksson, Kazador Thunderhorn, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk, Malakai Makaisson, Gotrek Gurnisson, Garagrim, Dragon slayer, Deamon slayer, Doomseekers, Brotherhood of Grimnir, Giant slayers, Thunderbarge, Shieldbearer mount, Master brewer, Goblin Hewer, Norse dwarf war mammoth, Tractator engine, Rune golem, Shard dragon, proper Anvil of Doom, Ulther's dragon company, Lond Drong's slayer pirates, Everguard, Karak Varn, Karag Agrilwutraz, Karaz Bryn, Karag Dum, Karak Vlag, Kraka Dorden, Kraka Ornsmotek, Kraka Ravnsvake, Karak Vrag, Karak Azorn, Karak Krakaten.

    All those missing things are grudges in the great book, is in your hand to settle them, CA. Khazukan kazakit-ha!

  • Fan3982173917524862Fan3982173917524862 Registered Users Posts: 1,584

    I would like to suggest generic relic priest as a possible unit. They wouldnt be like Kroak of course, but something more like the bretonnian grail reliquae, a very vulnerable unit that doesnt attack but with high buffs to all the lizardmen around it.

    You're going to get flamed for suggesting more aoe buffs for Lizardmen, but I like the idea and don't really care for MP balance.
  • SaurianDruidSaurianDruid Registered Users Posts: 1,723
    Personally I am happy with what we have but would love to get Oxyotl or Tetto'eko as a third skink lord option.

    Most of all I just really want the troglodon.
  • GreenColouredGreenColoured Registered Users Posts: 6,802
    Many of the remaining units are kind of meh (Inxi-Huinxi doesn't look terribly unique, neither does Chakax or his Slann buddy). HOWEVER..........I'd do tricks just to get my hands on Thunder Lizards, Coatls, Culchan units, and the giant snake of Sotek.

    These would be interesting new lord/hero for the Skaven. Since they act as conduits for the Slann

    Hold up...
  • DraculasaurusDraculasaurus Registered Users Posts: 4,771
    Troglodons, Relic Priests, and Coatl would be a pretty good unit lineup, if they ever got an update. Coatl would be the fancy set-piece unit, Trgolodons would be a re-modeled Carnosaur, and Relic Priests would just be generic Lord Kroak, maybe acting as a Grail Reliquae or as a specialist artillery.
  • Ascythian#9871Ascythian#9871 Registered Users Posts: 124
    I would personally like to see Tetto'eko and perhaps place him on the Dragon Isles.

    More realistic would be the Troglodon and Skink Oracle as flc à la Bone Giant.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416

    Lol sorry about that >_< when you make a post as long as this things slip through the cracks.

    Last time I forgot the images for Thorek and Grimm Buloksson when I posted it...y'know...the two most likely lords for the Dwarfs xD

    Thanks for pointing it out, I fixed it now.
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