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Skarsnik's Tipz Fer Gettin' Yer Grotz On...

GotanGotan Registered Users Posts: 67
Oi, ladz! Gather round, 'cuz I finally did it;

Now, I ain't sayin' I'z da best Grot evah; nah, YOU should be sayin' dat, or I'll feed ya to Gobbla! But I will humbly pass on wot orky-kno wotz I picked up durin' a long, long campaign ta finally control da whole world, in case it helps other runtz who wantz to prove Green Iz Best! Not evah betta than me o'course, but we can unite an' give everyone else a good kick inna fork, right?

Furst fingz furst, like a propa little waagh, it involves a whole lotta underhand tactics; dun't let anyone tell ya that usin' the magic of time manipulation, like slowin' down battles is bad, or reloadin' iz "save skummin". Ya iz here win, an have fun, but mainly ta win, and da world iz so down on an' hatez gobboz that ya ain't gonna do well without a bit of cheatin'. I ain't dat arrogant ta fink dat low completion rate (Now mah joint rarest Steam achivement in fact) iz cuz I really iz dat good. It's just a right pain up da squig-hole ta do it.

So den, into da meaty stuff that'll give ya a propa world shakin' paunch;

Da Art O'Diplomacy

Da most important thing ya haz to know iz we'z only little an' can't duff up everyone good an' propah all at once. We haz ta get dere trust first, den sneak up and stabbem right in da 'urty bitz later.

On turn 1, before ya even movez, go to Diplomacy and offer everywun a "Non Aggression Pact". Ya do this to start your reputation with each faction moving upwardz. Repeat this every turn ya can until it becomez clear who iz gonna be trouble; there will alwayz be 1 or 2 of dem that won't accept.

Next, move up ta "Military Access" when ya kan. Yoo want to be able to move around without gettin' dat "Trespass" negative modifier.

But never, EVAH go higher than this, do NOT get a Defensive/Military treaty. Diz iz because you'll get forced between choosin' yet another war cuz ya mates hauled off an' punched someone, or takin a huge hit to yer faction specific reputation and global trust fer rejecting it. Most of me first runz ended becuz I got dragged into snowballin' fightin' I couldn't keep up wiff.

Also such Treatiez block Confederation wiff Greenskinz, as their strength rating is averaged wiff yourz so ya kan never get big and tuff enuff ta impress them. Ya won't really want this until late game anyway, but when ya do drop it, they refuse to negotiate becuz ya broke the treaty.

"But Skarsnik!" I hear ya snivvel, "how iz we gonna survive wiff no treatiez?!" Well, it seemz ta me, in mah great Grotty brain, dat it's ya Trust ratin' that really keepz ya safe; as long as you're trustworthy and dun't go trampin on landz ya ain't welcome in, da world seemz ta balance war declarations to a manageable level.

So fight ONLY those who ya iz at war wiff. Keep fightin' until they iz completely beaten, and ya kan leave ya flankz and wot-not uncovered. Dunt take peace, cuz ya'll only have ta break it again later and get more grumpy diplomatz skowlin' at yoo.

Early Game Campaign Map Malarky

Ya startz at War with da stunty gitz down souf, and dere citiez iz an ideal starting location fer raisin' runtz. Ya can sometimez, but not often get da pointy earz to da west ta agree to a Non-Aggression pact, but even if they dunt, in general they don't seem ta come outta da woodz that often. But ya dunt want ta go in there fightin' eitha, as not only iz dey totally imbalanced, but the terrain iz hostile to ya boyz, and it rebels so often ya'll be fightin' gitz forevah.

If ya doez have ta teach dem Elves a lesson den, kill dere armies, and burn down their preciouz trees rather than try an' hold dem.

No, focuz on da dwarvez first. If ya kan, get da Black Crag ta see yoo doin' it, so they iz pleased with yer stunty-stompin. But DON'T try an get too Karak Eight Peakz until ya've got a Military Access agreement wiff da bigger Ork boyz; ya absolutely want them ta be your friendz late game, cuz ya wants the AI unit production advantage ta keep yer flankz safer, so don't do nuffin' ta pizz them orf.

Unfortunately, the treacherous mutinous Crooked Moon rebellion skum don't care about dat, and will come runnin' all the way from Ork landz ta get at yoo again. In fact, dey knowz where you iz even before dey've seen you, even through da fog o'war. So fer most of da early game you'll be shufflin' small armiez back an' forth between Dwarf citiez, an' coverin a run at yer capital. It's not a lotta fun...

Early Game Unitz

Diz iz gunna cause all sorts of orky argumentz, but I can only say wut workz fer me. Ya main, all purpoze unit is deze boyz;

Especially when ya goes down the red line of yer Lord skillz. I normally take Route Marcher for campaign map movement, then go fer at least the following;

* Inspiring Prescence
* Da Gobbos
* 'Ard As Nailz
* Deff Frum Above
* Savage Smartz

This buffs both da damage and survivability of Arrow Boyz, as well as our second best friend in diz, an' throughout the entire game. Beeline ya research an buildin's straight fer these lovely fingz;

Ya plan in battle iz as followz; drop roxx on the headz of everywun approachin', ideally in the middle of any mass of troopz, then hold the line with a few spear boyz. Usin' archers, fire across, not directly through ya troopz. Ya seem ta take more friendly fire when doin' so. Like diz iz wot I mean;

Also, make sure SKIRMISH IZ ORF FER NORMAL ARCHERZ. Ya want to be firin' where ya want until da very last second, an skirmish wastes ya time movin' about too much. (The only exceptshun is 360 degree firin' unitz which can , but ya won't be gettin' many of thoze). Then, dance ya archerz about in single groups to pull da enemy apart and cross snipe at dem. Use judicious time slowin' ta help wiff da micro if ya ain't as quick as a snotlin' stealin da funguz any more.

Da big problem iz usually da enemy artillery; I'z not had much lukk with wolf riderz or other flanky-boyz; da AI always seems ta be able ta pick dem up before I can around da back. Some sneaky gitz recommend Nasty Skulkerz, but by da time the AI iz far enough away from dere artillery, dey'z already muckin' up me own boyz.

Instead, I'z a fan of taking an Ork Lord instead, an gettin him a Wyvern. This allowz ya to fly straight over da enemy, land on dere artillery an' muck it up, then take flight again when da enemy comez runnin' back, giving ya more time ta drop rokz on dere stoopid 'edz. Give him a healin' item too ta extend tha fun timez!

Cheesin' Siegez

I tried all kinds of clever tactikz wiff diz at first, but in the end discovered all ya haz to do iz use Rok Lobberz. No, really, datz it. Da AI won't come outta da fortress, an will try an put unitz either on da wall until he haz no more dat can get up there, or move unitz back to the control points.... So, shell da towerz first, to stop dem shootin back. Then shell da wallz, and the control points; when ya runz out of ammo, retreat the Rok Lobber off the field to make room fer reinforcements, which if ya iz listenin', is probably anovva Rock Lobba in anovva army, an' repeat.

Shell dem until you've no more ammo, then move in an finish orf the surviverz, if dere iz any. If ya've got a dedicated siege unit army, give dere Lord personal combat skillz once the Rokz and Arrow skills are unlocked, so he can mop up right proppa. Late game, a single Lord with full ammo an nothin' but Rok Lobbaz can take out even defended Citadelz.

Sometimes ya get unitz on da wallz ya siege enginez kan't see; I like to move a wall of Arrow Boyz up to near da wallz to get at dem... but otherwize, it's Rokz, ROKZ, ROKZZZZ all da way.

Defendin' siegez?

Much trickier. Best fing to do iz NOT put yer archerz on the walls, where dey can be shot. Put them a few steps behind the wall; wierdly, ya can hit those on da wall, and people standin' in front of it from inside da walls, but it's hard fer people outside to be able to shoot those standin' inside. Givez ya a much needed, untouched ranged advantage. Try and get yer wall defenders to multiple attack single targetz an break their morale as they climb up. But otherwise, I ain't good enuff ta pull off heroic defences often enuff ta give many tipz ere...

Cheesin' General Defencez

Let's say the AI iz attackin an ungarrisoned settlement. Stand in da korner, with a wall of spearmen, an ya archerz behind it. Do as much damage az ya kan, and then ya unitz will break an' immediately go orf screen. Often diz will prevent the enemy wreckin' ya city as ya still have enuff defence.

Want to be really sure, but really cheap? If dey can't get a result before the time runs out, it countz as a draw and no changez to the campaign map result. And guess wot ya get in many city defence forces?

As long as they don't have enuff ranged to reach im, diz fellow iz fast enuff ta run lapz around the map an if yer patient enuff, run down the clock an frustrate da enemy; hide 'im in da woodz, run from korner ta korner; no city for YOO!

Campaign Map Movement

Diz is anovva complete pain up da poop-chute. Ya main advantage is Underworld travel, but ya kan't really use it as ya'll lose most 1 on 1 fights, an' yer surrounded by Dwarves that can intercept you, an later Skaven that can intercept ya AND ambush ya on the main map too.

At first, it takes a huge amount of reloadin' da game to survive, because ya can get into no-win situations without even bein' able to see where da enemy is. HAVE MULTIPLE BACK UP SAVES GOIN' BACK MANY TURNZ to rewind if need be.

Da only safe way ta really travel is in a big enuff blob so you've enuff troopz ta hit the battle map cap; but even then late game ya'll run into single armies that can destroy 3-4 armies, wiff Waaagh's in tow. Da wurst was da Lothern Flyin' Stack, an da massed Reikland artillery, an da Khemri desert boyz, dey'z coarse an' ruff an get'z everywhere. Hatez 'em!

Don't Underworld unless you know fer a fact ya iz safe. Don't split yer armiez up, even if ya'z tempted to try and korner somewun. Get used to moving slowly around chasin' shadowz until ya can threaten a city, and then unleash da rokk lobberz.

Have plenty o'Heroez, and move them ahead of yer armiez so ya kan see at least 1 movement turn out from where ya are. When they discover enemy armiez, try an' block them, assasinate their leaders, or hinder their reinforcementz, to discourage them engagin'

Buildin' A Betta Ekonomy

Diz wun took me agez ta get a sense of. Here'z an example of a perfect Grotty kolony;

Wot, no unit buildin's? Nah, lots of Raidin' stashez though! Greenskinz iz meant fer fightin', so ya putz city raidin' items on yer leaderz, raidin' stashez in yer citiez, and when a city fallz I wuz gettin between 50-120,000 teef fer each one. Ya'll lose a tonne of units, but kan immediatly buy them back again wiff the teef you've just nicked; end game I had a single turn Global recruitment fer rock lobbers, so I was just spamming throwaway armiez at people to wear them down.

Ya don't want to be "spendin' within yer meanz" as a Gobbo, outside of early game. Indeed, sum turnz I wuz runnin' at a -10k deficit, cuz I expected da throwaway armiez ta die next turn anyway. Ya wants to be pushin' hard, takin' money, an usin' dat money to further hit ya enemiez wiff.

The ovva important thing is buildin' enuff Skarsnik's Shackz to ensure local obediance. If you've put Spread Order / Remove Corruption on yer Heroez that are advancin' with yer armiez, they'll help kontrol it too. Diz matterz because so much of the terrain will turn on ya, an leave ya unable to move forward because of rebellions behind yer lines. The cold norf is especially bad at that. In particular, I nevah bovvered with the Sword of Khaine, as the global reduction to Obediance was enuff to push far too many edge case landz into rebellion.

Nope, ya want a few core citiez wiff unit buildin's, and then just be runnin' akross the landz with waves of cheap Rokk Lobberz!

But Fer When Ya Really Gotta Fight Proppa...

Diz iz a good enuff build fer most fightin' mid to late game;

It giffz enuff pointz ta favour ya in da 'orrible Auto Resolve, ya can break enuff wallz in sieges wiff da 4 lobberz to win there, da Ork Lord allowz us to go artillery huntin'... Ya wantz to swap out Goblin Archerz fer Ork wunz simply because range iz more useful than pure damage, at least I fink so. An they can take a bit more of a beatin'. Night Goblin archerz are nice, but be aware dat ya need space ta use the Fanaticz well; the first spawn will hit yer own front lines too if movin', so ya need to be able to launch dem, an either stop immediately or be able to step back just before they appearz...

But then we haz ta be clever!

Da Lothern gitz, dey fink'z dey'z so smart wiff all dere flyin stuff. Dey'z not so smart! Leave ya spiderz in defence near your own artillery, or move dem to the ranged that they likez to menace, an wait until they land to melee them. Giantz is also good fer this, an it's lovely ta see their health drop wiff each swing o'dem big clubz! If they don't land, set ya Archers on them an stick em fulla shafts.

Leavin da spiderz back is also useful against Skaven an' Khemri, cuz dey likez ta spawn units amongst ya dakka, and they have both ranged an melee to immediately pick dem up an take dem off ya ovva stuff. Ya don't want dem goin' forward too early cuz then da spiderz run into anti-monster stuff. Wait until they charge da black orkz with anti-melee, then send Incy Wincy into helping dem... Spiders! Dey'z just so lovely! In fact, I reloaded a few timez just ta save the Spida which spawns wiff Skarsnik right at da start, an ee wuz still there at the very last turn of da campaign too;

Anyway, ya wantz at least one dedicated fightin' army on every major front, ta pick up the battlez ya kan't just wear down with endless rokk lobbaz, and to defend da rokk armiez, which the AI loves ta ambush.

Build diz Lord with a much wider red-path skill setz, so all da unitz get buffs, especially our chumz da spidaz.

But don't let hiz units get too small; ya kan't really be losin' too many of these, as da big boyz take ages to recruit back again. Don't hesitate to hide inside da conquered citiez, to Raidin' Camp in da field, or just pull back an' rest fer a bit to keep diz army in top fightin' shape.

An' finally...

Auto-resolve ain't yer friend. Fight manually when ever ya kan, unless it's massively in yer favour. Even when yoo fink yer gonna lose, it's worth it ta target a particularly troublesome unit; takin out their artillery in partikular seems to ward them off from attacking yer ovva citiez.

This does mean yer campaign time will balloon out to insane levels. I think I put 100+ hourz inta mine over the months ta win. But da world is tuff an unfair ta cute little goblinz, so every small advantage ya kan eke out addz up.

It doez mean that I've probably forgotten a tonne of good advice though; da endless, grindin' warfare against da huge Reikland empire is like free warz ago now; I remember endless ballista bollox, and dat'z as much as I care to recall!

So let'z just end wiff what we ALL want fer future Gobbo warz; Giff uz da klassics, Creative Assembly!

Unleash da Pump Wagonz!


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