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SolvedCao Cao MoH, crash to desktop at end turn, summer 190

SwatdanSwatdan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 46
edited March 2020 in Crashes
Game be closed and return to desktop at end turn all the time. Always in same turn, i load in different save files and when i reach that turn, IA plays and at end go to desktop. Previously, mute music like a clic (i don't know if this is important).
Mini Dump file is generated.

Campaign: Cao Cao (Mandate of Heaven)
Turn number: 38 to 39 (summer 190 to harvest 190)
Important Events in turn 38: Xiahou brothers come to serve me.
Range: Noble
Mandate of Heaven bar: 40%Yellow Turban - 60%Imperial
Difficulty: Normal
Active DLC: Yellow Turbans; Mandate of Heaven; Blood; Tao Quian
Version: 1.4.1
No Mods, 100% Vanilla.

My PC:
-Last Drivers installed
--No Nvidia Geforce Experience
-Last Windows Update installed
I reinstall my SO and bought a new HDD because i upgrade my hardware recently, all should be clean.

I tried everything written in Sega support and in forum. A lot of ways and no results.
I suspect may a new event don't load correctly but it's only my guess. Always happens in same turn doing different things previously.

If any file or information is missing, let me know.

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  • SwatdanSwatdan Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 46
    Hello again, my friends.

    My problem is solved with the new patch. I hope don't found new errors and enjoy this game.
    Anyway, thanks CA and good job.

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