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Proving Ground Impressions - Lizard-men (Gor'rok) Legendary Mortal Empires Turns:100

RoksoRokso Registered Users Posts: 30
Proving Ground Impressions - Lizard-men (Gor'rok) Legendary Mortal Empires Turns:100

Observations, thoughts, and ramblings after playing 100 turns as Gor'rok Legendary Mortal Empires

-Recruitment reduction skills / followers matter way more now that recruitment is doubled
-Building cost reduction skills feel much more important
-Lizard-men commandments have even more impact (alignment of crafting)

-No supply lines allows more army freedom in legendary (start off recruiting a 2nd lord)
-Ancient Kroxigor was a great secondary lord to follow Gor'rok around. Brings siege attacker and is a strong fighter
-More smaller armies of low tier units is more feasible
-Less reliant on few armies comprised of the best units(doom-stack)
-Easier to have multiple armies decreases the importance of Lightning Strike
-Lower upkeep reduces the almost mandatory taking of upkeep reduction skills (blue line)

-Greater strategy is required when deciding between recruitment or construction with the higher costs
-Due to high recruitment costs the blessed units are even more advantageous because they are free
-Settlement level 1-3 is about the same speed but 3-5 is much slower
-Slowed growth increases the use of mid tier units that were previously skipped over
-Increased income from the settlement building is good

-Red climate buildings will cost way too much; unless the design goal is to make red climates truly uninhabitable.
If this is the case the dev team will need to recheck faction habitability.
Lord Skrolk for example starts near red climates(Star Tower and Chupayotl) this increase in cost will severely hinder his
starting province.
Malus is another lord that starts near and would naturally expand into the desert: a red climate
-Halving the trade value makes trade feel meaningless with no big benefit
-Buildings not converting when taking a settlement is incredibly punishing with how expensive construction is.
-Sacking a city is now worth very little

-Recruiting extra lords with strong fighting traits to follow the main army without having a 15% upkeep penalty was fun(similar to how Bretonia plays)
-Heroes on dino mounts are super expensive (about 600-800 upkeep for a stegodon or carnosaur mounted hero)
-Commandments and Honored Elder and general faction wide public order is very high
-Perhaps its the indented game-play that rebellions only occur in a province with high corruption.
-Tyrion lost Lothern to Cothique
-Faction AI shouldn't have bonus to their auto-resolve its just going to create the opposite of the 'order tide'
-Chaos invasion is still peasants of chaos and were unable to raze a single city -- not a threat
-Bug: Lizard-men Dye-maker building chain does not passively give income
-Bug: Lizard-men Medicine building chain does not passively give income
-Gor'rok's quest items are terrible and not worth getting(possibly some of the worst quest rewards in the game). Please give them stats.
Quest battles are one of my favorite things but the reward has to be worth it.

--Final Thoughts--
Without the old -8 PO from legendary Lizard-men do not have to manage PO on the beta patch.
There is so much passive global PO bonuses from lords, heroes, and commandments that it is a non factor.
But maybe that is part of the Lizard-men fantasy; that they don't rebel and are obedient to their Slanns.
The PO monument building is mostly pointless in the current iteration and will only need to be built in areas of high corruption.
However, the PO from the building is so low that its better to just leave a small force and farm rebellions with the garrison until the corruption goes away.
The Cult of Sotek building chain is a much much better PO building because of its many effects and units

If it wasn't for the 2 gold mines in and near Itza I see other Lizard-men lords possibly having issues with income in the early game.
It felt very different having to really choose what and where to construct my buildings.
The only thing stopping me from quickly expanding was the high cost of construction and the weak Lizard-men economy(until the technologies start kicking in)
In contrast, on live the player has so much income and every thing is so cheap that around turn 50 it just turns into click click click and build everything.
Overall I did like the more deliberate and slower game pace the beta sets.

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