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A World Betrayed Bug Megathread



  • gw.syrax@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 18
    Can missions and dilemmas be fixed in multiplayer, please? They have worked fine in multiplayer until patch 1.5 and A World Betrayed got released, then they just stopped appearing. It's rather annoying seeing that they are part of the story progression and also makes you get the events, generals, items and bonuses that pushes you forward in the campaign.
  • unicornvalleyunicornvalley Registered Users Posts: 117
    I am not exactly sure this crash is related to a world betrayed,but I only notice it after the DLC, and it's been going on since then. The problem is whenever I change the hotkey and hit save the game crashes. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing that, but a crash seem to be a big issue for me. Luckily I can continue the game without changing hotkeys.
    By the way I posted a thread in the support forum but nobody seem to be reading that, so...
  • Kasumi26Kasumi26 Registered Users Posts: 23
    Bug .After the battle it frezze for about 10 second allso when u take over a city an town ,Village it frezze for bout 10 second it seen 1.5.2 has a bug in it as i have never came across this before .

    Can u please look into it .
  • mWing8mWing8 Registered Users Posts: 1
    The "Grandmasters" legacy of Wu set bonus applies now but then it disappears upon loading a save.
  • AryanbergAryanberg Registered Users Posts: 31
    LiuBei was too easily destroyed by LvBu, i have never seen WEI, SHU and WU kingdom divide the world in 194
  • kaihookaihoo Registered Users Posts: 248
    edited June 17
    In my Mandate of Heaven campaign, characters introduced in the "People of Merit" interface notification do not match those in the "Candidates" list in the Court screen

    I can't recruit either of the ladies, "Zao Zhenli" or "Kan Shanan" because they were nowhere to be found..
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  • NTLuckNTLuck Registered Users Posts: 14

    Serious bug when the Qiao sisters spawn. Their maximum age in the database is set at 50 which creates an issue where they spawn extremely old very early in the game. This image is turn 27 in the game.

    Can be very easily fixed by editing the maximum spawn age from 50 to anything less than 30. Perhaps give them a fixed event to spawn more naturally? instead of it being completely random.
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