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Beastmen - Minotaurs - Retexturing Project

Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8


Hello everyone, I'm new to Total War, I was a modder for the Skyrim and Fallout games and thought I'd try my hand at retexturing the Beastmens Minotaur unit from Total War Warhammer as a fun little project.

I'm learning the texturing process for TW assets, exporting so they look correct, then implementing them into the game currently, it's been a little confusing learning the new programs regarding extracting the files/model from the game so I'm able to import them into Mudbox/Quixel for 3D painting, however, I thought I'd make this post as a place for me to update/show my progress and share what I have learned along the way for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

"I'm excited to get stuck in, and make some new friends along the way!"


My plan is to texture a localized area of the beastmen's Minotaur unit to begin with since I am learning all these new steps and processes, and also so I don't overwhelm myself trying to learn too much all at once! For those reasons, I decided to only focus on working on retexturing the Minotaurs skin, hair, and horn and just ignore any armor, or accessories for the time being.

I did some google searches and saw some retextures (images for this site/forum) on the Minotaurs and wanted to be sure not to repeat what had already been done, I also looked through my old codexes, as well as my creatures of myth artbook for inspiration and ideas, although to be honest, I expect to make a lot of mistakes while starting out so my texture ideas are bound to change along the way!

My initial attempt at the retexturing process went well, I stuck with the 1024x1024 texture map format, and (although not jaw-dropping) produced a nice subtle retexture for the Minotaur's head, I got rid of the blinded eye, added some more pattern to the skin of the minotaur, as well as tweaking the horn colour, for things like the mouth I just edited the vanilla texture, and I saved all my materials so I could repeat the texturing process on the other mesh/parts.

For those interested, I use Mudbox to create a colour map of the different parts of the mesh, then export is to be used with Quixel. I decided (for my first attempt) that I'd just make some basic materials using the supplied alpha masks that come with Quixel, although I plan on creating my own alpha's (like what I've done with my other modding projects) once I've learned the basics!

Below are some images of the previously mentioned steps, 1. colour map creation in Mudbox for Quixel, 2. Quixel render of the created texture.


  • Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8


    After a couple of issues regarding some ungodly UV seams, I managed to finish off the body retexturing, getting the dots on the body to look right took some time, thankfully the necklace and hair should help hide any blending crimes with the head that I may have missed!

    I decided to make things easier (in 3DS MAX) by keeping the bracer on the wrist rather than trying to figure out how to remove it without ballsing everything up! My knowledge of 3DS is very limited, 2D texturing and 3D painting is as far as I go when modding, although I did pick up some super basic stuff regarding moving, adjusting UV's during my time modding!

    "Something worth noting, with all the UV's I've had to flip them vertically in 3DSMax, this is most likely due to the way I'm extracting the meshes with the Pack File Manager, then converting them into .obj's with noesis, not a huge problem, Ijust thought I'd mention it in case others had a similar issue!"

    There really isn't much more to say, I just repeated the same steps as before and got a result I liked! I posted some more renders with a couple of different views, now onto the legs!

  • Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited March 22


    I skipped the leg renders and instead I thought I'd share my in-game issue, and how I went about fixing it!
    I had a look on the forum and saw others had encountered a "washed out" looking texture once in-game, to make the issue easier to see I have edited my texture to be more contrasted so it's easier to see the "fixed" texture from the "unfixed" one!

    Once I had created the vanilla texture hierarchy for my mod (I just copied the "varientmeshes" folder structure I got by extracting the meshes and textures with the Pack File Manager) I added my new textures into the folder, saved the mod (using the RPFM tool) and placed the saved .pack file into my Warhammer 2 data directory. I launched the game and saw that my textures were very bright, almost like the shadows and shading had been removed, all I did to regain my shadows and shading was open my .dds file, ctrl+left click the layer to make a selection and in the "Channels" tab I made an alpha mask using that selection!

    Once I added the new alpha channel I saved the .dds as a Color+Alpha, BC7 8bpp Fine (sRGB, DX11+), file and made sure to set Mip Maps as auto-generate. I replaced the head, and body .dd's, but have left the legs so you can easily see the difference the new alpha channel makes! Hopefully this information helps any others facing this issue!

  • Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8


    So I decided to do some testing, see if I could use a larger texture size than the vanilla 1024x1024 (obviously I know the smaller the better for performance) and the answer is yes! I think using the larger texture files could be cool for cinematic use with small scale battles and skirmishes, however, I'm sure the lag caused by the bigger texture files would mean not really an ideal texture replacer.

    I still have the legs to fix from my previous post however I'm pretty happy with the knowledge that I'm not necessarily restricted to the vanilla 1024x1024 texture file size! Anyways, here's an img (minus the legs) of the textures I made for my upscale test!

  • Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8


    So today I went from texturing diffuse layers, to learning how to add some custom normals! Oh boy it was a learning experience. I had to record the process so I had something to look back on if I had trouble remembering the steps, I've never been good at learning by reading, find it far easier to learn from watching, anyway I thought others may find the video I recorded helpful so added some narration to it, hope it helps!

  • Ephla442Ephla442 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited March 27


    I have got to a stage where I am happy with the final result of my subtle Mintaurs retexture, I felt they needed to be a little more defined, I wanted to remove the odd coloured eyes, and add some more fur to their body, I think everything else looked great (I actually think the vanilla look was okay too), just wanted to make some changes due to personal taste!

    I have been suggested I should start working on the Cygors next so I guess I better get cracking!

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