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Co-op Campaign crash/ desync?

Mighty_LeaderMighty_Leader Junior MemberThe NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 2
Whenever I and a friend start a co op campaign with no mods. the game crashes in a few turns.
First I thought it was the diplomacy screen in multiplayer campaign but then it happened also on the campaign map itself.

What happens is that after a few turns the game freezes in both my screen as well as my friend.
The message "waiting for other player" appears and then after a few minutes the host leaves the game because it lost connection. But we checked our network and it looks fine.
I think it has something to do with the desync. Before the latest patch we didnt problems.

Also a notice that when we try to create a new game it notifies an unspecified error.
anyone else encountering this?


  • DarkRite34#1696DarkRite34#1696 Registered Users Posts: 16
    Me and my friend are experiencing the same sort of issue. Though we are using mods, we have the same mod loadout, so that rules that out. I am host cause my internet is better, and so my friend keeps dropping. It's not his connection cause when it is it's obvious, and he let's me know when it's due to that. However we just got multiple drops within a few hours, and then just before coming onto here, we kept desyncing again and again. I tried loading from a save a few turns back, desync keeps happening. So if this is happening to others even on non-modded campaigns, I do hope it's sorted out. I also intend on discussing this with the mod authors of the mods I'm using, but seeing as this hasn't happened this much before I don't think it's the mods, especially since we were able to play for around 50 turns without too much trouble.
  • TyrariaTyraria Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 310
    edited July 2020
    +1 can't play coop with my brother more than 3 turn or so and CTD... using live 1.53
  • steam_164509111509lgFwRVjsteam_164509111509lgFwRVj Registered Users Posts: 19
    +1 I always face CTD ans desync after a few turn, especially when some big change come to the campaign, like annexing or confederate other faction.
    It became impossible to play !
  • MariumSC2MariumSC2 Registered Users Posts: 1

    While playing total war warhammer 2 Co-cp Campaign, three of my friends can not play together.
    - one of my friends we are able to start the game. Go through their turn and then mine and then we get the waiting for players when we hit end turn.
    - my other friends, we can not get that far at all. One we cant ever start the game.

    Last night, my friend and I tried to play Total war: Three Kingdoms Co-cp Campaign. We finish our turn one and it goes to waiting for player. We tried combat with one of us in spectator mode. The fight never loaded up. We got the environment, but the armies never loaded and the system would crash. Host getting booted last.

    These are the files I could find, hope they help.

    Thank you for your help
    [email protected]
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