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Negotiable $ Reward For Mod

thedirtyponchothedirtyponcho Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello Total War Forums,

I want to start off by saying that the following offer is very serious as I am a Total War fan just like everyone here and I believe that if this mod is made, it would be a rewarding experience for everyone.

Here's the pitch: Total War Three Kingdoms With Zombies.

It's simple, straight forward and an experience that I strongly believe many fans would enjoy. Now with an idea like this, it is highly recommended to create a small goal rather than a huge unachievable goal. If you've read this far, it means that you want to play it right now. Nobody wants to work on a mod for more than a month. More on this later...

  • Make a Zombie Faction that can take over China.
  • Standard Campaign is left untouched.

  • One unplayable faction receives a zombie make-over.
  • All peasants with no weapons.

  • Huge unit numbers. High DMG and Low DMG RST

  • Aggressive AI behavior both in campaign and battle.

  • Non-negotiable. At war with everyone. Takes territories by storm.

  • No heroes.

  • Zombie Unit Aesthetic.

Pretty simple, right? The idea has an immense amount of potential, but we won't go there. Why? Because it's not realistic to build. Now, there are a couple of points that I want to make extra clear for anyone considering this project:

I am not a modder by trade, I am a producer. I work in production and get people together to build products for a living. Mostly trailers for television shows. If you sign up, I guarantee that you will be working with someone who is a seasoned creative collaborator and has no ego in the project. I will provide help every step of the way and collect all the assets myself.

I don't know the rules and I don't give a damn. Maybe I am not allowed to offer money on this forum, but I don't give a crap. I want zombies and I want my fellow Total War players to get excited. We're trailblazers for crying out loud, let's act like it.

Finally, I value artists and entrepreneurs above all else and have no agenda to control them. The only thing I love more than artists and entrepreneurs is paying them handsomely. With COVID-19 taking the stage, now is an excellent time to take up a project that could not only satisfy your creative itch but also get a couple of bills paid.


Please email with some kind of demonstration of your work:

[email protected]

or comment below. Happy to discuss $ via email.

Full disclosure, I will be posting this on reddit as well.

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