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Modding Help: Supplies and finding tables

kokan#3687kokan#3687 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 90
Hi again, since I finally have some down time like the rest of the world, I put myself to work on my supply mod (CA was generous enough to rework the title system).

So, with the table that Rewan pointed out in an older topic I created a few months back (Character_attribute_effects) I managed to make something that works, but I found that it isn't enough for me.

Now I am looking at reworking the entire supply system and their effects, but as usual I am having a hard time identifying which tables do what and where and how to find the tables that I want.

Here is what I understood so far:
- Character_attribute_effects: I can change easily how many supplies a character provides to the army based on the cunning rating. But since I now want to remove this entirely, I was thinking of replacing the supply line in cunning to provide improved ambush success rates. If I understood this correctly, I just need to change the effect for the one I want on the effects table.
- technology_effects_junction: here I can try to change the effects of the techs that provide supplies everywhere. Ideally, I wanted to increased the capacity from 100 to 100+ whatever value, but I haven't figured if we can do that... so in turn, I will be just changing this effect to apply only on friendly territory (to improve resupply speed) using the campaign_effects_scopes table.
- I noticed that there are some traits that give supplies (Cruel for ex). Where I can we find these guys?
- Where are the items and their effects?
- The base +4 supply value that seems to exist, where can we edit it?
- Where can we find the table that rules all other effects on supplies? (casualties, terrain...)

Any way of easily finding tables that I am missing?

Many thanks!
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