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mitthrawnuruodo#4895mitthrawnuruodo#4895 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,976
Anyone know how to mod the titles added with the World Betrayed patch? E.g. General Who Pacifies the South etc.


  • durbal#5911durbal#5911 Registered Users Posts: 160
    Check '3k_dlc05_faction_ceos_titles.lua' in the under scripts/campaigns/three_kingdoms_early and note that the CEOs it's referring to are in the db (you can do a global search in DaVE and find them and their dependencies).

    Basically, if you want to modify titles you should change the logic in the script file. If you want to add titles you need to add a CEO and the proper references to the db then use the script to control the logic for when it should be available.
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