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Xu Chu bug that is in the game since launch (i believe)

KIDAS#7103KIDAS#7103 Registered Users Posts: 17
Build number: 13493.1921376

Xu chu still has the bug where his ability "Stalwart defender" only applies to his allies and not to him. I might have thought it as intentional if not for the description mentioning that "Xu chu shrugs off attacks as if they were nothing" implying that this ability should either be only applied to him or work on him together with his allies.

Reproduction steps are easy, just get Xu Chu at any campaign and have him to the level where he can unlock Stalwart defender (Usually level 3), then just get him in battle and look at which generals have the stalwart defender buff and which don't. (spoiler alert any general within his radius range has it and xu chu himself doesn't).

Don't think i need to provide .save file as this is an issue i had for several campaigns over the course of 3 kingdoms life span. So its not a one of a kind situation.


  • durbal#5911durbal#5911 Registered Users Posts: 160
    I'm guessing this is intended since he was historically a bodyguard.
  • Mvp2229Mvp2229 Registered Users Posts: 15
    It used to work to affect him back in the day (flat 50% resistance to every general, including himself) but since Xu Chu, already powerful as he is with other skills and such, became too overpowered especially in multiplayer. CA did a patch after short while addressing bunch of balance issues and made his skill have reduced range but with increased potency to his ally generals (from 50% to 80%), also not to affect himself. Hope this helps!
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