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Lü Bu Greatest Warriors

DrGoatDrGoat Registered Users Posts: 10
This is meant directly for CA, but do write if you agree.
I think that Lü Bu's greatest warrios should be completed if you hired a character from the list. The driving behind this is to achieve all of these. You want Lü Bu to become as strong as possible, but at the same time, you want all of the greatest characters for yourself. So if you destroy a faction, but don't meet the legendary generals in battle, they might become able in the charactor pool, where it is very bitter if you don't hire them.

You basically put people in a position where they can't have all they want, and that annoys them. Secondly, you could easily justify this. If a character is hired by Lü Bu, they bend their knee to him, admitting that he is their superior. If he had to beat them in battle, cou could even make an event where they fight a 1v1.

Love the Sun Ce though. Nothing stopping him reaching his personal goals.


  • Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 2,596
    "I am the punishment of Tengri, if you had not sinned, he would not have sent me against you." - Chenghis Khan Temujin
  • lilpopelilpope Registered Users Posts: 78
    Yes & no, i like that it is a Lu Bu focused campaign. Counters Sun Ce's faction, which he is the pokemon catcher king. All for one for Lu Bu & one for all with Sun Ce. But i do see the frustration
  • LoireLoire Registered Users Posts: 472
    Okay, but does he still need to become even stronger? Even on legendary he's steamrolling everybody else...
  • BAB1918BAB1918 Registered Users Posts: 238
    edited March 2020
    You're likely not meant to gain every perk, every time and the storyline that Lu Bu doesn't recruit every legendary general into his faction is a viable one. Lu Bu doesn't need them - with his mighty halberd and trusted steed Red Hare, what use does Lu Bu have for Cao Cao's sloppy seconds?
  • VandicusVandicus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 42
    A lot of the perks are duplicative. So it wouldn't be that big a deal and it probably irritates a lot of people who try to be completionist.
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