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Medieval 2 mod Aphalas Total War

Dante_AgithDante_Agith Registered Users Posts: 2

I have next to no real modding experience short from moving files around but med 2 is my go to total war game for this, whether i do it or others want to take it on. A mod that features around the world of Aphalas, from the defenders of Aphalas books, its not a well known series but I think it has enough potential to be a mod (Yes Warhammer would probably have been a better decision but the only pc i use that i had enough space for it on doesnt run it brilliantly also i simply prefer medieval 2's battle system as well...furthermore magic does not feature much.) I already know what units for most of the factions and what factions will be included (Yes i am the author of this book series and i'm not trying to drum up business but i would just love the opportunity to merge my work with one of my all time favourite games. However, this does mean i am versed in the relations between factions and the map itself.

Any help is fully welcome or if you want to contact me about taking on this modding challenge yourself then im happy to help.
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  • Dante_AgithDante_Agith Registered Users Posts: 2
    The current list of factions are:

    Humans (Divided into 8 Factions)
    Trolls (Divided into 3 Factions)
    Demons (Divided into 2 Factions)
    Ogres (Divided into 2 Factions)
    Last Sanctuary of the Ijatie
    Temple Guard
    Dwarves of the Desert
    Realm of Stiothar

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