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Feedback for army development

Johlin94Johlin94 Registered Users Posts: 9
So, after having spent some time with the beta, and also seeing Youtuber's play with it as well, I feel like making stuff more expensive, although works for buildings seems like a sort "artificial" way, for lack of a better term, for making it more difficult to get powerful and elite large armies.

So to remedy this, I think CA should look into putting caps on elite units. These caps could then be further expanded through buildings and technologies. Meaning that in order to field a lot of your best units, you have to invest heavily in them. instead of just building something and calling it a day. I don't know about everyone else, but currently one thing that takes me out of the immersion of the setting and makes the game seem rather stale in the later stages is just fighting massive armies of nothing but elite troops, with armies of nothing but elite troops. Like armies of Greatswords, Blackguards, Iron Breakers etc. etc. I think finding a good limit system would help keep that from occurring at least into farther into the game, as well as making those elite units feel more distinct and enjoyable, and make you feel as a player more satisfied with your investment in them, also giving you incentive to keep them alive.

I feel like this would be a great way, that not only would help balance this issue, BUT also allow for the opportunity to put in more interesting technologies or at the very least modify ones that already exist.


  • KromaKroma Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited March 27
    The more i think about it, the more i think this would be the best solution to fix the lategame.
    There is already heroes cap limitation, maybe elite units should work the same way ?

    A bit like heroes, i could really see tier 5 elite building granting you 1-2 of this unit cap factionwide ( not for each army, so you have to split them strategicly ).

    The more high tier settlement the more elite unit you can have in total.

    This would also force you to create the elite building in all your settlement not just one if you want more elites. Which will cost you a lot x)

    For example elite building going from t3 to t5 :
    - tier 3: + 1 cap for this building t3 unit
    - tier 4: + 2 cap for t3 unit, + 1 cap for t4 unit
    - tier 5 : + 3 cap for t3 unit, + 2 cap for t4 unit, + 1 cap for t5 unit

    This could be tweak easily depending on the balance you want to have. You would need 19 t5 elite building to get a perfect doomstack, that would be pretty hard to get, and it would be only 1 army !

    Another way to implement this is more like you said and not like heroes. Where the cap is for each army and you can only increase it via technology. Making doomstack impossible. This would be more like the tabletop. I like that too.
  • philosofoolphilosofool Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 384
    I am going to admit that I don't totally trust YouTubers on this: their model is designed around the short attention span viewer. People are much more likely to watch and enjoy ten episodes to doomstacks than thirty. Sure, that's a way the game can play, but Heir of Carthage basically said "This is too slow for YouTube" in one of his videos and I think he's right. (By the way, he's since basically dropped the campaign, which was a bummer for me.) But I expect 40+ hours from a campaign and YouTube is not my model for what a Total War game should be.

    I think a better solution is to sort the game into three "difficulties":

    (1) Economy growth: the overall rate at which factions grow, both player and AI--i.e., fast vs. slow
    (2) AI campaign difficulty: bonuses to AI related to campaign.
    (3) Battle difficulties: difficulty of battles.

    Caps always make perverse incentives; the softer they are, the better.

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