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Total War Warhammer 3 DLC Speculation - The End Times - Part 2 - Khorne - Skarr Bloodwrath

FromKislevFromKislev Registered Users Posts: 6
Me again!

So the Youtuber I follow posted a video about units from the End Times as a possible DLC (Linked if anyone wants to see it)


Now I used to play these units during the End Times myself (they were pretty nasty especially the Wrathmongers),

But how would this translate into Total War Warhammer? I mean obviously it's not the tabletop so they won't have the same functions (extra attacks and so on).

Would they just be given higher stats?

Honestly if we get End Times units I'd like these guys first for nostalgia's sake. Half tempted to find my old minis and try see a game played when the whole thing happening around the world blows over!


  • FromKislevFromKislev Registered Users Posts: 6
    Also to those tabletop players out there yes I am aware Chaos was pure cheese in the End Times but hey it was tournament season ;)
  • yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Registered Users Posts: 2,124
    Skullreapers I imagine would be anti-infantry, but with good armour piercing and magical attacks thanks to their ensorcelled weapons. Also, to represent their rules I would give them much more hp per model than chosen, but smaller unit sizes.

    Wrathmongers had impact hits, so that warrants a huge charge bonus. Otherwise they should also have the model and hit point count as above.

    Skarr Bloodwrath's resurruction is interesting. If we compare it to other characters who resurruct, we can see that CA has taken two approaches: Vlad and Tyrion both have items that on TT make them resurruct, while in total war these items give a big heal when they are low on health, for a single time. If Skarr had this type, perhaps he could have a mechanic where the size of this heal depended on how many he had killed or something.

    The other type of ressurrect seem exclusive to flamspyre phoenix, where they actually die in battle and return later on. I am not sure how it works mechanically, but this would be great for Skarr IMO.

    About the bloodthirsters, it seems your video did not really capture what each of them do:

    The bloodthirster of unfettered fury is not buffed up, it is 100% identical to the regular bloodthirster from the deamons book. As such, it is actually not a new unit at all, it is just the old regular bloodthirster renamed to differentiate it from the two others.

    The bloodthirster of insensate rage main feature is not the great weapon at all. What really makes it special it that it has the "heroic killing blow" special rule, which gives it a chance to instantly kill any creature in close combat, regardless of their amount of hit points, armour and regeneration. This rule is very rare, or usually comes with a big drawback. For example, vampires with the "master strike" can sacrafice all of their attacks but one to get it, but the drawback is huge. For this bloodthirster however, it gets it's full 7 attacks with the rule, making it the best monster killer in all of warhammer. In terms of total war it should probably have a massive bonus vs large, or an ability that did immense damage to a single target.

    The wrath of Khorne bloodthirster has the "devastating charge" rule, and uses flails. As such, it would be very strong when charging, and less so in an extended combat. Also, it has extra bonuses when fighting characters, and it charges faster when charging a character.
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