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Can I bring a general from other faction to my faction?

ChoreroChorero Registered Users Posts: 1
I want to adopt a foreigner general


  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 240
    You can't use them i'm battle unfortunetly, that would be an awesome feature though.
  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 53
    edited January 2021
    This is another feature that was removed after medieval 2 (i guess). Just like general speeches, agent cutscenes, not being able to change your capital city in most of the games or not even being able to change the city names in Rome 2.

    Also there were no navies in Thrones of Britannia which is ridiculous for the viking age the game is based on and no naval battles in Troy.

    I mean, i can understand changes like 'no army without general' stuff but most of the other ones are just simple tiny details that makes the game experience more enjoyable.

    And in addition to adopting, we were able to bribe an enemy general and make his army switch sides in medieval 2. They removed that amazing feature as well.
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