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Problem with SSAO

BoscognShogunBoscognShogun Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 32
edited March 30 in Performance & Graphics
Build: v1.5.0 Build 13493.1921376

Detailed description:
When SSAO is activated, black streaks or large black areas appear on the surface of objects. I noticed that this bug appears especially in certain circumstances: battlefield with snowy, rainy weather or when the units are located on large shaded areas of the map.

Reproduction Steps: when I turn on SSAO.

Screenshot: I have attached 8 screenshots, see below.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
the problem disappears when I turn off SSAO, but the game becomes less beautiful and therefore less captivating. The bug is not related to mods since their deactivation does not solve the problem.


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