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Multiplayer Campaign Issues

DarkRite34#1696DarkRite34#1696 Registered Users Posts: 16
Build is 1.5.0 (modded, yes I know but bare with me)

Me and my friend keep having trouble with our campaign, there was a whole host of problems. From certain events not happening (the start is 190, and I don't know why but I can never seem to get the Qiao sisters, but that's a minor problem), to a string of desyncs (which has only happened during the one day, we reasoned it's due to a mod getting a quick update). To the last and so far greatest persisting problem, manual battles can lead to one of us crashing to desktop. This seems to be somewhat random in nature. Sometimes when doing a manual battle whoever isn't actually fighting said battle (so I tried fighting a battle and my friend dropped, I wanted to fight the battle because I just wanted to be extra careful, my army wasn't in danger of losing in auto, so I decided to just auto it to get on with the game, but now he's got a battle that will cost him his army, and I keep crashing to desktop in it).

I'm playing as Sun Jian, and my friend is playing as Zheng Jiang. Which battles break is seemingly random, as it doesn't apply to any one character nor any one turn or situation. Though as soon as a battle that crashes happens, that battle will always crash, perhaps not always at the same time in the battle itself, but the battle will crash.

So replication is really easy, on my turn (Sun Jian) just end turn. Over the end turn Gongsun Zan will attack Zheng Jiang twice. The first battle is completely fine, no crashes during that manual resolve. The 2nd battle is when Gongsun Zan attacks Zheng Jiang's personally lead army. This battle is the one that crashes, retreating is possible but Gongsun Zan will chase and it will still lead to that battle which will still crash.

I know that since we're playing with mods we should expect things like this to happen. Though we play campaigns together with mods a lot. So just short of starting a new campaign with a different mod loadout that we know works in it's entirety, there's nothing that comes to mind other than simply resigning ourselves to auto-resolving any problem fights.

I will provide the mod loadout in order
Wu Kingdaissance V3.7.0beta (Compatible with AWB DLC and Official update)
Wu Kingdaissance - Debut V3.7.0
Wu Kingdaissance - English Pack V3.7.0
Guanxi Overhaul - enhanced relationships, events, and stories
Havie Commanding Skills
Havie Dynamic WuXing
Effect Population (1.5 update), --For clarification this is also Havie's.--
Havie Improved skill tree - Wu Kingdaissance add on
Improved world map (eng)
Characters live forever (no death from aging)
Radious Total War mod part 1
Radious Total War mod part 2
Respec Character skills when they join you
Han character hoarding nerf

And lastly an equipment mod that gives players equipment every turn, I cannot remember the name of this one, but we got it from the nexus cause at the time we grabbed it (which was months ago) none of the equipment mods on the workshop were doing what we wanted nor really working for multiplayer. Since I don't know the name I will attach the pack file instead.

Even if official support cannot due to our campaign being modded, assist with this, if anyone has any solutions or at the very least knows why, that'd be appreciated.
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