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Mod for multiple unique items.

sstrandmosstrandmo Registered Users Posts: 42
Hello, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to make a mode to allow more than 1 unique item. I've changed the field in the main CEO file from unique to exceptional. Is there another field I should be changing? My first trial run failed.


  • sstrandmosstrandmo Registered Users Posts: 42
    Figured it out. It works if I change the data key from unique to exceptional in the "CEOS" folder in Dave from the assembly kit. Then in the view tab ( top right) I found the global search option. I searched by a unique follower hua tuo. One of the columns will say "ceos_to_limit". Double clicked that. It opened a table where I changed the item limit to 11. I used the sandbox mod by inter-object to verify. Using the sandbox mod I now have 10 hua tuos. Another faction has the 11th one.
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