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Karaz-A-Karak end game bugged, can't win due to Archaon refusing to show himself.

vonmaeyraevonmaeyrae Registered Users Posts: 3
So I've played around 210 turns of my Legendary Karaz-A-Karak campaign, have over 90 settlements and my military allies control the entire map. No chaos armies are on the map and if I recall correctly the Archaon event popped up somewhere between turns 140-160 but after like 30 turns of that event no more chaos armies are spawning, Warriors of Chaos is still a faction but doesn't seem to have an army anywhere and objectives state that they don't have an army outside of chaos wastes but they don't seem to have an army inside of chaos wastes anywhere either. Don't recall seeing Archaon on any of the chaos armies that spawned to the chaos wastes. Had vision on most of them due to my allies being there. The only objectives that aren't complete is having Archaon be wounded, but can't really wound him if he is nowhere to be found, and the "Continue to expand your territory, ready for the arrival of Archaon the Everchosen".

Chaos wastes and no armies to be seen:

All objectives except the last two are done.

Am I missing something here? I've completed dozens of campaigns before, this is the first time the end game has stalled in this way and it seems bugged to me. Attached the save and I'd be glad to get this sorted so I can get my Dwarf campaign completion achievement out of the campaign.

I'm not using any mods (have some installed but they aren't active) and haven't used any betas during the campaign. If there's any more info needed, do let me know.


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