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Three Kindoms and Warhammer as a solide base for Napoleon TW II and this is why

jgmasterjgmaster Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 613
Note 700+ hours on NTW, my most played TW game.

The bad of NTW:
- A good diplomatic system => can be solved with the more fleshed out diplomatic system of 3K

- No meaningfull generals and certainly to squishy to use in combat (think at Murat, Lasalle, ... always leading from the front) => the new subcommander (hero's) system from 3K can be a nice edition for example:
Army of Napoleon:
Vandamme (heavy buffs to normal inf.)
Murat (heavy buffs to cav)
Mortier (heavy buffs to guard units)

- Guns are to accurate (I think a mix of vanila and NTW 3 should be fine) and cav to squishy (because the guns are so accurate)

- AI is to stupid for this game, exposing the flanks, marching around under heavy musket fire, suiciding cav for no reason, ... => I think we made a good step forward with W2TW (I don't know about 3K)

- Nothing really wrong with the recruitment system but implementing 3K system is a bit more realistics I suppose

- Lackluster campaign maps => better maps in WTW

- Less meaningfull agents compared to other games => more meaningfull agents in WTW

- No custom fonds for custom battles or MP => solved since RTW2

- No grand battle feeling (20 unit cap) => solved since RTW2

The good of NTW:
- Tactical gameplay (using ditches, streams, hills, crossing, houses)

- Different campaigns to tell Napoleon's story

- Historical battles

- Different places to research technologies
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