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Proving Grounds feedback

ChipicaChipica Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi all, giving some feedback on Proving Grounds Beta.

I only tried it with Alith Anar and Kroq-Gar, did not play much.

Overall, I would recommend it, I liked it.

What did not seem rigth:

-Regiments of Renown/ blessed spawnings/ etc. are too good now, I levelled up my main characters quickly and I got these quickly. For high elves, I got Sisters of Avelorn and Phoenix Guard while enemy factions still had tier 2 or 3 units only.
For Lizardmen, I got units for free? meanwhile, other factions have their costs doubled? This was too good, I defended successfully against a strong Skaven army that was invading my territory.

- Alith Anar seems really powerful. I consider his Shadow Walker archers to be as good as Tier 4, while being available at Tier 2. Now that the enemy factions take longer to hire high tier enemies (or that's what it looked like to me), Alith Anar's faction seems even better.

- There should be a way to limit the amount of Lords you can get. Now that the faction upkeep does not increase with each Lord, I feel it is better to hire Lords than units early game. Perhaps not allowing to have more than 2 Lords at first, and getting a slot for another lord once you get 8 regions.

What I would like to see:

- There is a patch where enemy factions build walls really often in their settlements. I think that is a good way to increase the difficulty of a campaign.

That is all.
Best to all.

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