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Loved M2:TW. Will I like Britannia?

LighthopeLighthope Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 7
Looking to move on from Medieval 2. Have ZERO interest in any of the other eras.

Would I enjoy Thrones of Britannia?


  • MarkroxMarkrox Registered Users Posts: 207
    Big difference between Med2 (2006) and Thrones (2018), the game and mechanics have moved on and evolved quite a lot since then, even if the fundamentals remain.

    Best question is to ask yourself if you want to play viking Britain Total War?
  • Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 270
    Well, I would be more sceptical here, honestly...

    Try to watch some playground on YouTube, if You You like Britania's enviroment, that is good, but aside the battles, the campaign gamemechanics between M2 and britania are too different.

    I would say The Britania is hybrid - total war game with crusader kings (paradox game) with lot of character and pilitical micromanagment. For me was difficult to get through it

  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 256
    no, the units are copy and pasted from attila, i can count the amount of new assets on one hand.

    if you're looking for a true medieval experience, i wouldn't waste my money on this. this is more like a proto medieval/dark ages experience like attila

    and don't bother downloading the medieval mods, they use garbage models from games like mount and blade made 15 years ago. only use those mods if you can stomach papermache looking armor, flat textures, and normal maps that look like they were made by a 5 year old.

    the state of ca game development, and the modding community right now is pretty lame no offense to them. i would hold out for medieval 3 or maybe another saga title focused on 1066 or afterwards(provided they have new assets and some new to offer. and no, not every chance is innovation, it has to be meaningful. none of the changes i've seen so far are any sort of "evolution" from medieval 2
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