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Ryzen APUs

emilthecheapoemilthecheapo Registered Users Posts: 1
Heyo, I'm a new member here on the forum.
I've registered just to, hopefully, get some answers about this topic, since I can't seem to find any.

So, I'm planning on buying an APU based PC build. Currently I have an old laptop, and I've got my eyes on the Ryzen 5 3400g with Vega 11 graphics. I would play Rome 1, Medieval 2 and Rome 2, since I like my historically authentic games.

I would run on 1080p, high texture, unit detail high, unit size large/huge and terrain/building detail high.
Everything else I don't care about.

I have seen one and only Rome 2 benchmark of the 3200g, but the guy had texture quality on ultra, everything else lowest/off.
I don't get it, the visual difference between ultra and high is minimal, let alone in a battle where you are focused on the grass and stuff like that, but the FPS hit of ultra is rather large.

TL;DR If anyone has a Ryzen APU and plays Rome 2, what's your FPS and choice of settings?
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