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Co - op or head - to head campaign

germi77germi77 Registered Users Posts: 3
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Hey there, I'm looking for someone willing to play a warhammer II or three kingdoms campaign. My nickname in steam is germi77. I prefere playing in the very difficult difficulty (sorry for the redundancy) and I don't really like auto - resolving ALL the battles (I know there's people who do so, but without the battles the game is not that fun and power - bars don't take into consideration loads of factors). As long as turns don't take forever, I don't really see the point in setting a concrete time as if it was some sort of professional chess match. Add me in steam if you're up to it.
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  • YnysYnys Registered Users Posts: 4
    I am so game to play T.w campaign with someone! Im really into Britannia atm but really struggle to find any games, even less campaigns. So if anyone fancy a game or starting a campaign hit me up on steam. My steam addy is Ynis#0284
    Look forward to hearing from peeps.
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