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Known IssueBug online new campaign

Francoeur2288Francoeur2288 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited April 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
Hello everyone
I got a bug during new online campaign with my bro. When we play as Ma Teng or Gongsun Zan, we lose -1000 income per turn after a battle, that means if i have to earn 1033 gold, i only earn 33 if me or my bro do a manual battle. We have tested this as me as a host, and tested him as host and the issue is the same. So at each turn, if you do a manual battle you lose income in Ma Teng and Gongsun Zan faction.
By the way we have tried only with Ma Teng and Gongsun Zan, we don't know if other faction got this bug.
I tried in solo campaign and i don't have this bug so it only appears in online campaign.

Path to find the bug :
player 1 : Ma Teng
player 2 : Yuan Shu
1st turn, Ma Teng have 1033 income, Yuan Shu start the turn and do a manual battle. back to the campaign screen, Ma Teng now have only 33 income.

You can find the bug if you make Ma Teng start the first turn (take Zheng Jiang for the second player) => do the first battle against yellow turban, and when you re back to the campaign screen you see your income reduced.

Hope my english is not that bad, thanks for support guys !

V game : 1.5.0
Build : 13493.1921376

My computer : windows 7 64bit
intel core i5-4430 CPU 3.GH.z
8,0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
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