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Siege rework (Updating major cities): Middenheim

Bies#4376Bies#4376 Junior MemberSwedenRegistered Users Posts: 5,856
Each of the major cities should get rework, by reworking the city layout, modifying garrison and adding new terrain outside walls

Starting with layout...

City should be placed on mountain, only half layout presented above would be used

Only 2 causeways of 4 would be used with 2 gates

You would be able to destroy one of the causeways, bringing down units placed on it and blocking forces already presented in front of the gate from retreating, pushing also remaining forces to use remaining causeway or use ropes to climb on walls (no ladders or siege towers on this map)

2 walls for the city with boiled oil

Ability to build Ulric's Thunder (aprox. 20 000 gold). Cannon would be placed in the center of the town and have massive firepower and range

Additional units/reinforcements available (tier 1). Number of units would depend on level of the city.

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  • WaaaghCheif#7753WaaaghCheif#7753 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,379
    Middenheim should be brutal to besiege.
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    edited April 2020
    You know, this reminds me of old Dawn of War Dark Crusade/Soulstorm wherein every stronghold of each faction had some kind of a gimmick. From memory:

    Dark Crusade:

    Space Marines - fortified positions with rapid orbital response, take the shrine to inflict damage to morale
    Imperial Guard - Massive Titan Cannon that cuts the battlefield in half, kill the commissar
    Necrons - destroy the supports to bring down the plateau and run before you die, destroy the monoliths quickly
    T'au - killed their leader while being wrecked by both of their ways of war and snipers
    Eldar - destroy their teleporters to prevent them from running while being attacked by their puppets
    Orks - destroy the banners to incite rebellions
    Chaos Marines - destroy the portal bringing them to reality, watch out for Khorne shrines insta kill ability


    Space Marines - relentless deep strikes all around you
    Orks - you are surrounded by default in the aptly named Killy Spot
    T'au - orbital laser fire that deletes units for fun
    Imperial Guard - do you wanna build a Baneblade?
    Sisters of Battle - crusade after crusade, oh and their super unit and everything around it is invincible due to miracle
    Eldar - can't even catch them, they're constantly teleporting and hiding in shadows
    Necrons - Cut off their power or get overwhelmed by 4 bloody Monoliths
    Chaos Marines - Our base is protected by an insta kill field so you have to walk around it to destroy our shrines
    Dark Eldar - you are the slave uprising

    Anyway, I don't expect CA to do anything to such extent, unfortunately. Their designs are a bit too formulaic to make such sieges by any stretch of imagination.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • Jam#4399Jam#4399 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,070
    Maybe 3/4 of it is only background, maybe.
  • eomat#7953eomat#7953 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,914
    edited April 2020
    Yes please! I did a thread “The Major Cities of the Empire” on this a few weeks back which focused on making them unique. CA won’t change the cities regardless of who owns them so they should at least be unique. Middenheim, Altdorf, Talabheim and Nuln should look different on the Campaign map visually too. Middenheim should definitely sit above on the Ulricsberg with the cannon showing and have one path leading to it. There should be loads of little skaven tunnels beneath it too.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,141
    Have a look at the GCCM map collection. The Middenheim map is a stunner.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • hhhmmmhhhmmm Registered Users Posts: 175
    Software development is hard. I would rather see the dev team improve sieges in general. Before creating unique features for one settlement.

    If you had to chose one and only one area of focus before the next FLC, would this be it? There might be other ways to improve the game that creates more value for players and is more fun? At the same cost in terms of developer time..?
  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Senior Member St Helens UKRegistered Users Posts: 22,095
    This is good stuff. I'm happy with each city getting unique buildings but this would add an extra layer onto the game beyond Lords and flashy new units. Grabbing certain major strategic cities would become a major priority rather than just slowly steam rolling to each adjacent settlement.
  • Captain_Rex#1635Captain_Rex#1635 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 38,156
    Middenland needs to be a unique Capital City like Kislev. Maybe it should even have 10 slots.

    It should be a great bulwark and I would love to see something similar to what CA did with Rome in the RotR DLC. So the player and the AI have to besiege the City 2 times with 2 different battle Maps and only if you win both sieges with the same army you can conquer or raze the settlement.

    The same mechanic should also be a thing for skavenblight, K8P, Hellpit and Karaz-A-Karak.
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