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How to "lose" battles effectively

willfwillf Registered Users Posts: 1
When outnumbered and victory seems extremely unlikely, are there any strategies for withdrawing troops to suffer fewer casualties? Or alternatively, strategies for inflicting as much damage as possible on the stronger enemy force? When I'm in this situation I find that far too often I get totally destroyed without inflicting much damage on my opponent.

This comes up a lot when I'm playing two-player campaign multiplayer and I'm taking the reins of an AI army in a battle against an overwhelming human counterpart. Any ideas?


  • ComradCommodoreComradCommodore Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 918
    If you are fighting a defensive battle, try and occupy buildings/use natural barriers to your advantage. Use cities as cover from enemy artillery, absolutely make your opponent come to you.

    It also is a good idea to concentrate on an objective for your up coming loss. For example if I'm defending a city I know I can't hold with an army I know is going to get annihilated, I will set simple goals like "at a minimum I'm going to wipe out/severely damaged my opponents cavalry"

    If you have access to cavalry yourself, try and target their artillery. Let's say in an opponents full stacked army, you destroyed their 4 units of artillery but nothing else. That army is going to have to replenish those artillery pieces before moving on, because artillery is so important. That could take multiple turns at a minimum
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