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Multiplayer Campaign "Desync Detected" Consistently

HubagaHubaga Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello Support Team,

Build: V1.5.0 - 13493.1921376

Me and a friend of mine have only recently been encountering a consistent "Desync Detected" issue on our Multiplayer Campaigns, this occurs with every faction we try,. The Trigger for this is primarily when one of us tries to intiate a battle, to be specific it is just before the options for "Start Battle, Delegate" and etc... appear after a resync this then wont occur again until the next turn at which it happens again.

As for Solutions attempted: We have disabled all mods and tried without still no luck, and we have tried sharing the save files with each other with still no luck, we have attempted switching who hosts the game with no results then either.

As for Save files I am afraid we cant attach them as they have been deleted.

Please assist however you can.

Kind Regards
Daniel Masters


  • PhillyPhan321@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 72
    I can confirm me and my friend have been having this issue over the last few days as well. To me it seemed to start happening when patch 1.51 came back out. Prior to that a dysynce would not happen every time we play. Now we are getting a dysync every time I start a battle (as Liu Bei in the AWB campaign. My friend playing as Cao Cao has not had the issue. Though once it resyncs we are able to fight the battle I tried to iniaite. So we aren't getting stuck but it is just annoying.
  • Smith11904Smith11904 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Me and My roomate started having this problem right after the new Wild Pack DLC update happened and cant get passed the 20 turn on any Charater
  • mikotiusmikotius Registered Users Posts: 1
    We had the same problem. We swapped the save files and verified the local files, that fixed the problem.
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