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Graphical bug/dismemberment

Karyl_Karyl_ Registered Users Posts: 2

Build: v1.5.0 Build 13493.1921376

Detailed description:

I am having a bug since I played Three Kingdoms again, in battles, some troops may get dismembered but remains bloody necks, and other pieces of meat in the air. I don't have graphic mods apart from one that changes factions color so I have no idea
where does this bug come from cuz I searched trought internet and seems nobody else is having something similar.

Reproduction Steps:
- Start any battle
- See people die
- See how pieces of meat of death people roams in the air


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

I supose if I switch off dismemberment this bug will stop, but I dont want to play it with dismemberment off, also I payed for the dlc of blood and gore, so I want blood and gore.

Thank you for your attention


  • Karyl_Karyl_ Registered Users Posts: 2
    Greetings, I finally found a solution for my self since nobody knew about this bug and didnt receive any answer from CA. So I post it here in case someday somebody need it.

    First I disabled all the mods and try it vanila, the problem persisted.
    Then I made ''Check cache integrity'' in the games local archives from steam.
    It found like 2 issues and steam redownload this files.
    Try the game again and the problem persisted, the only way I could figure to stop the bug is disabling the dismemberment option but this wasnt really a solution. So as final attempt, I enabled all the mods again, and go to steam properties of the game, then uninstall the dlc and installed again. Try it again in custom battle.
    It works, great.

    Maybe it was some kind of corrupted files that steam couldnt detect as and issue, it was a bit weird and hard to realize the problem, but in the end was as easy as reinstall the dlc.

    So this was the solution I could find, I hope if someone has the same problem will reach here.

    pd: Its the first time I make a post, I usually find solutions trought internet, so it was curios and great to made and solve one of them. Only wanted to share that lol


  • Jamison620#7038Jamison620#7038 Registered Users Posts: 1
    this is so frustrating. I'm having the same problem, and nothing is working including reinstalling the dlc. it doesn't seem like a lot of people are having this issue
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