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General tips for someone straight off the boat?

VildvargVildvarg Registered Users Posts: 316
Hey all! I've got a ton of time racked up on the Warhammer series, but with the recent sale and my love of Scandinavian/Gaelic themes I decided to give a historical title a shot for a change!

I'm doing fine inside of battles more often than not, but in campaign it's been a hard slog adjusting. Early on I've learned it's no where near as quick to raise a decent army and taking heavy losses is devastating and should be avoided like the plague.

I tried later slowly building up my provinces and army and was careful picking my wars, or so I thought, but then apparently wandered too long and my army was starved due to supply loss.

I'm having a lot of fun despite my floundering however there seems to be a lot more going on in the campaign with estates, governors, families, marriages and just other mechanics I'm unused to managing.

Obviously there are a lot of newbies guides out there and I've already checked out several but I was hoping to ask some seasoned players, or maybe others who have been in my position coming over from fantasy general things to watch for, prioritize or just advice to expedite my learning experience here.

Enjoying the game so far, and hoping to git gud!
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