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Kroxigors have lost their colors

RenegadeSteelRenegadeSteel Registered Users Posts: 2
As the coming of the "Hunter and the Beast" update the kroxigors have obtained some new skins that match Nakai's faction very well BUT none of the other factions, instead of the vibrant war paint adorning the kroxigors that we used to have, each faction now has a basic "tribal" styled color scheme that gives the kroxigors a war paint that looks like chipping chalk and is rather blandly colored. the most obvious of these factions are those of Tehenhauin and the small group of lizardmen stationed in the dragon isle. Their factions have an incredibly unique color scheme of either yellow/green base (Tehenhauin) or a purple/pink base (Dragon Isle) with their own unique war paint aspects. currently becuase of the current kroxigor scheme only utilizing the main faction color for their warpaint these two factions have appauling paint schemes with tehenhauin having kroxigors that are light blue base with a rather hard to detect light black markings. as i have yet to see the dragon isle kroxigors i can only predict that they have the same issue. Please if CA ever see's this i am begging you to fix their skins and make them vibrant again! especially Tehenhauin as currently they look like a unit from Nakai's army and not from the yellow armies of the Cult of Sotek. Thank you if you read this post and please consider. :)
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