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Regiments of Renown (purple ones) kinda suck (in campaign) and some suggestions to modernise them

SilentGhostSilentGhost Registered Users Posts: 2
not a huge deal but i find that Regiment of Renown (RoR) units on the whole are generally quite underwhelming for what is meant to be the Best of the Best units for their respective factions, especially in campaign where high Chevron units are common and tend to just have higher stats in general than RoR units not to mention some RoR units seem to not benefit from campaign or lord buffs despite the fact they should.

they've become especially underwhelming with the addition of other "Special" units such a blessed spawnings and Elector Count units mainly because those units start with 0 XP but can gain full chevrons, becoming not only strong standalone units but also having all the buffs from Chevrons and lord abilities that RoR units dont get.

Side note but this also opens them up to more modding capability, as of now the only way for modders to fix this themselves is to remove the recruitment cap for RoR units which i find personally to be a bit Lore breaking and imbalanced as they're meant to be 'unique' units.

i think the easy way to solve this is to start RoR units at base level with 0 XP while maintaining the stats they have now, that way they can level up and gain more stats keeping their status as the "best of the Best" of their faction both with their abilities and also through raw stats especially as they're stll limited to 1 unit so theres no risk of Doomstacks of RoR juggernauts or any sort of Multiplayer imbalances.

you could also make it so they retain any XP earned through death so that when they're recruited again they retain the rank they had a little like Heroes/lords do, which would also add to how special they are

i also personally find i have more attatchment to units that level up with me through multiple battles as opposed to just coming in at max rank or with lots of chevrons so having RoR units do that as well would make them feel even more unique and special on top of what they already are.

this also applies to stuff like Norscan hunt units btw which i still think are some of the coolest mechanics.


Regiments of Renown are outdated and overshadowed by blessed spawnings and Elector Count units and worse than their high rank standard counterparts stat wise because they cant gain xp so they should start with 0 xp and level like normal units but behave like immortal units i.e retaining XP after death once theyre available for recruitment again.

Thankyou for reading and any feedback or input anyone else has would be greatly appreciated.


  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 2,875
    Yeah, agreed!

  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,509
    I never liked how RoR ultimately turned out; Fire-brigade, Get out of Jail Free Card units that you can instantly summon.

    If only more of them had unique traits they might actually stand a chance when compared with superior mechanics like Blessed Spawn or even Norsca hunt units.

    The Dwarf Ranger GW RoR have a unique ability that marks a target enemy to take increased missile damage; a great headshot ability but, of course, requires the unit to get in close enough to trigger, and of course requires your other missile units to actually shoot it. This makes the unit not only unique as a Ranger unit, but unique as a unit in general- no other unit in the GAME does this!
    More RoR units need to command a niche like this.

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.
  • SilentGhostSilentGhost Registered Users Posts: 2
    i agree,

    To me they're supposed to be these cool Unique variants of existing units that have this unique aspect or strength that sets them apart for their standard counterparts, whether its through extra abilities, stronger and different stats or any other kind of bonus, but as they are now theyre just a weaker, mediocre stop gap unit til you can get you regular high tier recruits into the army.

    playing a Norsca campaign now even the Norscan hunt units like the Cold Voider and Mawherd fall short as far as strength when you compare them to just a high chevron Frost Wyrm or Mammoth, theyre just underwhelming for a monster thats supposed to be this unique juggernaut of a unit

    i want to use these units cos theyre cool and having unique and named units is always more interesting but i dont want to have to settle for an objectively weaker and underwhelming unit that just gets creamed in every fight against 0XP units of its own tier.

    they dont even compare to something like blessed spawnings and Elector Count recruits because on top of those units having special traits like no Rampage for blessed horned ones or a cool aura/ability like Carroburg Greatswords those units can gain XP and increase their stats so they feel like a stronger, more individual variant of their standard counterparts that you had to earn and so they feel more satisfying.

    i think they definitely need some modernization and updates to put them into a tier above what Red units are right now because as they are i dont even want to use 90% of them because theyre so dissapointing. i also think some adjustments to unit types wouldnt go amiss such as Making Norsca's Beasts of Tashnar Ice Wolves instead of chaos hounds so they feel more faction unique.

    thanks for your thoughts, hopefully CA see this and take at least some of the stuff said on board and updates RoR units when they're able to.

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