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Campaigne in easy mode

lt03lt03 Registered Users Posts: 2
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Just picked up "Total war: shogun 2" on steam. I have played civ before and have had a good eye on the total war series for some time. This game, Total war, looks really good.
Read on tactics online and did the tutorials. Have like 10 hours in this game.

I play short campaign in easy mode, but i quit the campaigng after like 20 or so turns as i am clearly loosing.
Tried this like 2 times in a row.

Basicly it was:
1. I play as shimazu, and there are 3 powers close by A, B and C. I develop my city, fort and get a trade navy first thng. and set economic skills in work.
2. I get the close by naval tade spots *2 going, and get my army ready. (Bad units though). Make trade with C
3. I do the mission of takenings A's city. Still traning all the units i can pay for. Now A nd B are hostile.
4. I go for a close city of B's , declaring war as i enter his lands. End turn, and now my army is pushed back to freindly lands. I enter again, declearing war again, pushed back. Well 3'ed time it works, now take the city.
5. B attacks me with a army bigger then mine own (no money at alle at this point), C attacks from behind with another army bigger then mine. And this is just what i can see they have.
6. Other powers D and E destoys my navla trade and the medium bones and bow ships. in 1 turn, no chance of makeing alliances or peace before they take my naval trade points.
7. So no navy + 3*times my army, and i quit here.

My quistions:
1. Easy mode is this easy? what am i forgetting. Must be very basic and important.
2. Checked the last 2 times if i accidently was in hard mode, but no
3. I declear war, but still gets sent back wiht the "diplomatic reason our army had to withdraw".

Hope some of you guys can see the big "missing" thing. This game sounds really good until i play the campaign.

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