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How do I see 'Allegiance' and 'Usurper Allegiance' of characters?

WatwatWatwat Registered Users Posts: 51
I keep seeing them but I have no idea where to look at the total allegiance.


  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    Allegiance is a characteristic of provinces. Characters can affect this by increasing your faction's allegiance in a province or the usurper allegiance.

    Allegiance is exactly what the word means: how much the province supports your faction. High allegiance means high happiness, low allegiance (in newly conquered provinces) means low happiness.

    You can check the allegiance percentage if you hover over the allegiance icon. It's easy to find, it's on the interface that appears when you click on a settlement.

    The allegiance of a province can increase a bit alone but you can help it by issuing edicts and appointing governors that increase the allegiance

    Don't confuse allegiance (this has to do with a province) with character loyalty. They are different things :)
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