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Shogun 2 economy

Ian1947Ian1947 Registered Users Posts: 1
How to build up initial money


  • JoukeSeinstraJoukeSeinstra Registered Users Posts: 279
    Good question, it depends.

    Farms depend on the quality of soil. They have barren, meagre, average, fertile, very fertile. (If I remember correctly)
    More food cause growth in the form of a global surplus across your empire which in turns causes fixed growth on a local level that is measured against all factors listed in each village/town of which the tax rates are measured and fills the clan coffers.

    A rule of thumb is to build military bases in specialty provinces that have armor/weaponsmiths or fletchers and give bonuses that greatly benefit your military. Markets and Sake Dens give additional fixed growth that can be enhanced through Metsuke that increase tax rate at a local level.

    Roads are useful for multiple reasons, replenishment, logistics, and fixed growth.

    Ports are useful for ships, trade, and fixed growth. They can also increase your export capacity and trade routes which may turn into an even greater profit. Trade is closely linked to Diplomacy. Trade nodes and Tariffs along with an honorable Daimyo can give exceptional economical growth. The Mori are probably underestimated as a clan, however, they can hold choke points with raiders and force trade with superiour shipbuilding through beach-dropping "marines" (A lot of fun in heads-ups as the water is inaccessible to agents.

    Ninja's an Monks tend to excel at undermining hostile economies to extremes. The Hattori can beat legendary with one army and nothing but Ninja's in combination with Night Attacks for example. Each clan can play to their own strengths that ought to dictate their economic policy. Whereas the Ikko Ikku has no Metsuke but has access to strong cheap infantry with smithies that can easily overwhelm hostile clans(Except Oda). Yari Ashigaru are exceptional units. They're your greatest economic ally. Knowing how to build an effective military structure is as important as a strong economy. Samurai tend to be used rather sparingly at higher difficulty. Unless you're Shimazu who thrives on Katana Samurai along with an incredible starting position, rich lands, and trading nodes. They're I assume the strongest tied with Oda in terms of racial advantages.

    The underlying policy is of course your Mastery of the Arts that sets the pace of your economy. Depending on how you branch will strongly influence your next xyz turns.
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